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Frat’s booze-fueled sex orgy for a good cause

February 8, 2010

The Badger Herald has once again shown its disregard for human decency and compassion by publishing the complaint the Overture Center filed against the AEPi fraternity, whose members graciously gave up their Friday night to drink and have sex for charity.

The numerous allegations seem to imply that the alcohol consumption and love-making were not done in the name of B’nai B’rith, the international Jewish charity for whom AEPi raised $2,100 that night. The accusations of rude behavior and name-calling, one of which comes from a coat-check employee who says several members called her “a bitch,” also miss the point that the fraternity members were simply delegating orders to subordinates for the sake of the mission. While these employees were profiting off a charitable cause, the fraternity brothers’ only payment was dizzying inebriation, a nauseating hangover and a sexually transmitted infection.

According to the director of Madison Symphony Orchestra, who clearly could not handle being close to the grit that accompanies community service, “the fraternity was disgusting and they left trash all over the place.” The one valid complaint came from an employee who found a male and female having sex in a men’s stall. It hardly seems like the couple’s sex was contributing to the cause if it was done in private, however, their sexual indiscretion is very likely due to the copious amount of alcohol they publicly consumed for B’nai B’rith.