About the Sconz

The Sconz is a politics and culture blog founded by Jack Craver, a 22-year-old recent graduate of UW-Madison. Since its beginning in May of 2009, the site has become a leading Madison source for news and commentary on local and state politics. In March 2010, the blog moved from wordpress to The Daily Page, a website run by Isthmus, a Madison alternative weekly newspaper.

In addition to blogging daily for Isthmus, I regularly write political news and analysis for the paper edition. In April, I wrote a cover story on national blogger and UW law professor Ann Althouse.

Readers are enthusiastically encouraged to post anything in the comments section, from blistering criticism to slathering praise.  Also, if you’re interested in contacting the Sconz in private, don’t hesitate to email:  wisconzin@gmail.com or send a message to our facebook account: Wiss Sconz (Madison network) or follow me on Twitter: thesconz. I should also remind you to add the Sconz to your RSS feed if you have one (I recommend Google Reader; if you already have gmail it’s cake).

And of course, as an underemployed recent college grad, I am always happy to hear from prospective employers or any other person interested in my work. Please drop me a line!

4 Responses to “About the Sconz”

  1. Jason Haas Says:

    Stroll over to the State Historical Society and look in their newspaper collection for “The Wisconsinite,” published between January and July 2004, if you’d like a good read some time. I think you’d enjoy it. It was my old paper, “brazenly leftist,” none of the apologetic liberal crap but also not a shrill “VE MUST OVERTHROE ZE BOURGEOIS IMPERIALISTS” that you sometimes still see on State Street. Or at least you did when I lived there.

  2. Bill Lueders Says:

    Could you please call me? 251-5627.

  3. alchemicalmedia Says:

    so you got sum change?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This blog is gay. as. fuck.

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