The Sconz moves to the Cap Times


Dear Sconz Nation,

Yes, the old blog had only been back a couple weeks and it looks like I’m moving yet again. This time, to the Capital Times, where I’ll be covering local and state politics.

Independent blogging has been a great ride. The best thing I ever did was start this blog. The second best thing I ever did was tell people about it. Unfortunately, many of those people are no longer paying attention, since The Sconz got sidetracked by other jobs and projects in recent months. But I know I will gain them and many more back as readers now that I will be working full-time as a writer.

See you at!


6 Responses to “The Sconz moves to the Cap Times”

  1. jayen6 Says:

    can you post the link? thanks

  2. Anonymous Says:

    DO We REALLY want to LOSE our RECALL Elections to possible RIGGING
    & FRAUD? ~A grueling YEARS worth of HARD-WORK, ~All for NAUGHT?

    G’Morning, Wisconsinite CITIZEN & VOTER ~[And actually to All Americans]

    ~TRULY, If you ‘Tweet’ on TWITTER; ‘Chat’ on FACEBOOK, or use any Others~ then PLEASE consider a POST, an EMAIL, & help ‘spread this everywhere’. If you agree after reading & evaluating this, then we need to GET this to ANY & ALL ‘Powers-At-Be’ & All possible NEWS MEDIA ‘Blogs & Sites’ ~ FAST! [Like RFN]

    [And please DON’T FORGET your friends & contact lists] ~They might help, too!

    ~Has our WI RECALL Elections’ ‘VOTING Software & Hardware’ MACHINES been violated-validated, vetted, & certified SECURE recently? ~ANY Chance of GETTING RIGGED? ~Time to END speculation, uncertainty~And possible FRAUD!

    ~WHY did WAUKESHA County’s VOTING Results GET Transferred from [SECURED?] ‘Voting Machines’ to a PERSONAL Computer~ And, this happened TWICE in their county elections which leans heavily GOP! NOT illegal? ~And why NOT? This is NOT VOTER SECURITY! ~So,,, did Judge KLOPPENBERG REALLY LOSE her WI Supreme Court [State-Wide] ELECTION by a late RECOUNT of discovered missing ‘boxes of uncounted ballots’? Then, ONLY to LOSE, after being declared the WINNER, by a mere ‘couple thousand votes’~Justice? [w/NO RE-Check?]

    “For CRYIN’Out LOUD” ~Wisconsin has 72 Counties!

    In my opinion, we need a thorough ‘TOP to BOTTOM’, TECHNICAL ‘Software & Hardware’ investigation by The BEST TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS in their field ~maybe in the Country.

    NEXT~ DO Wisconsinites REALLY want to LOSE our RECALL Elections to possible RIGGING & FRAUD? ~A grueling YEARS worth of HARD-WORK, All for NAUGHT? ~I HARDLY think so.

    At MINIMUM~ TAP our professionally educated, technically skilled, EXPERT Programming Engineers ~NOW! Use OUR Great UW-MADISON & MARQUETTE Universities’ TALENT who have the BEST & Brightest at the ready! ~THEN AGAIN, this is OUR Nation’s Problem, too. As you will see in the attached YouTUBE Video’s TESTIMONY~ So,,, Who’s gonna help?

    If you haven’t seen the YouTUBE NASA Computer Programmer’s [Clinton Eugene Curtis] TESTIMONY below, do it NOW! Criminal FRAUDSTERS have had this ‘technology’ for over 12 years ~ or maybe LONGER! [My guess is LONGER & SPREAD ‘Everywhere’ since!] ~In my opinion, this presents a grave threat to ALL Our Elections!

    I DO HOPE, ‘LIGHT-BULBS’ Go ON for you and for ALL Wisconsinites!! Just put your ‘THINKING CAP ON, too! My opinion is ALL ELECTIONS of ANY Kind, ANY Where in OUR Country are faced with these questions & dilemmas. All Americans deserve proof with thorough assurances that CRIMINAL Voting FRAUD simply CAN’T & WON’T Happen! ~How?

    ~C’Mon, WI-RECALL Elections’ estimated COST is $9,000,000.00 [Million Dollars] Better work all these basic costs, needs, & requirements into that budget.

    ~PLUS~ NOW we have to BATTLE against the estimated onslaught of $100,000,000.00 [$100 Million Dollars] of Out-of-State, POLITICAL Advertising MONEY] by SCATT WALKER-KOCHS-Americans for Prosperity-Citizens United-FOX-TV & Other Big National BOGUS Institutes, et al.!

    NOTE: Wisconsin’s GAB [Government Accountability Board] just spent $100,000.00 on NEW SOFTWARE & is filing for a 60 DAY EXTENSION. [‘Volunteer VOTE Counters’ are ‘holed up somewhere’ in Wisconsin ‘Counting’]. ~Well, WHO are they & have they been properly & independently cleared, certified, validated, vetted, & What SECURITY? ~Are they being monitored by ‘technically trained & skilled’ EXPERTS as I’ve proposed?

    C’MON, I know they have a ‘deadpan’, silent, cheap, Computer-VideoCAM there ~Seen it…GET REAL~what good is that?

    What Are We WAITING for?

    [Detail is Critically Important! Just like the ‘HANGING CHAD’]
    ~NEWS MEDIA, Investigative REPORTING~ TIME is of the essence!!

    * With over 30 years of ‘high tek’ knowledge & experience, including an additional 4 years in USAF ‘Combat & Electronic intelligence’, I feel there’s REAL Cause for Concern. Also owned two successful Software Development Companies.
    [However, I am NOT a formally educated, ‘Computer Programming Engineer’ expert.]

    ~ NOW, “Put ON YOUR THINKING CAP” while
    Watching the YouTUBE Video Testimony!

  3. Walton Says:

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