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No, that’s not what Tommy Thompson said

February 12, 2010

Terrence Wall’s first TV ad displays the aspiring politician’s willingness to get chin-deep in the mud to beat Russ Feingold. Although Feingold has yet to respond in-kind, his party and his campaign have responded with partisan venom, and in doing so have strayed far from the truth.

For instance, the most recent meme has centered on a comment Tommy Thompson made to reporters about a possible run against Feingold:

“This election…it’s going to be decided on things that aren’t that particular to Wisconsin.”

According to the Democrats, that means Thompson said “the election won’t be about Wisconsin.” The conclusion to that train of logic is that Thompson doesn’t believe Wisconsin issues are important enough to discuss.

This is even more disingenuous than the recent attacks against Terrence Wall for avoiding state income taxes in 12 of the last 15 years. At least the latter case is based on a fact. The Thompson quote is a cynical misrepresentation of what the former governor (notice the Democrats refer to him as “former Bush administration official,” and not “former governor”) said.

It’s unfortunate that a campaign waged on behalf of a candidate known for his honesty and integrity is so dishonest and lacking in intellectual integrity.

Wisconsin Democrats hammer at jobs theme

January 21, 2010

The State Senate passed another piece of jobs legislation today, gaining the support of all but one Republican in a 32-1 vote:

Sen. Julie Lassa, an author of the bill, said businesses from across the country are looking to locate in Wisconsin because of incentive programs like those included in the bill. And legislators in other states have inquired about the bill looking to emulate it.

“They are looking to replicate the success we’ve had in terms of getting that entrepreneurial spirit together,” she said.

Republicans sought two different lines of attack against their Democratic opponents:

Sen. Ted Kanavas, R-Brookfield, said Democrats have “dumped a load of crap on
Wisconsin businesses” during this legislative session.

“What we’re going to do today is take off one shovelful of that load of crap,” Kanavas said.

Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Horicon, said it’s no surprise that Republicans voted for the bill because Democrats “pirated” many provisions from Republican ideas.

Dane County Democrats to endorse board candidates

January 13, 2010

Tonight the Dane County Democratic Party is meeting to endorse candidates for the Dane County Board. If everything goes to plan, Analiese Eicher will be endorsed in district 5. She’s been active in Democratic politics for years. If she was not a member of the College Democrats’ board in the past, she has certainly been very active in the organization and knows all the people at the top. She has worked for Rep. Tammy Baldwin as well as for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2008. For the County Dems to endorse Michael Johnson over her would be party heresy.

Granted, these meetings tend to attract pseudo-Democrats as well. Anybody who spots people who are active in other parties pretending to be Democrats please email me! I am not a partisan of the Democratic Party, but I think it would be fun to know.

Healthcare votes to begin

December 21, 2009

It looks as if the Senate Democrats in Washington are about to do what people who want health care reform have been wishing they would do since Barack Obama’s election: Treat the Republican Party like the minority party it is. Democrats have already surrendered so much since 2008; the least they can do is try to push forward the issue that defined their campaign rhetoric and is supposed to be one of the distinguishing points between them and Republicans.

The Republicans have defined this debate with nonsense for too long. Politicians, if given time, can characterize the most trivial and innocent aspects of any legislation as a communist-takeover scheme devised by group of abortion doctors in Kenya. Sometimes there’s just no way to negotiate with the absurd.

Baucus balks on health care again

September 21, 2009

This time perhaps for the better:

The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee,Max Baucus, said Monday that he would modify his health care bill to provide more generous assistance to moderate-income Americans, to help them buy insurance.

“Affordability — that, I think, is the primary concern,” Mr. Baucus said. “We want to make sure that if Americans have to buy insurance, it’s affordable.”

Just as long as there is some private insurer who reaps a benefit from the cash transfer, Baucus is OK with slightly higher government spending.

Max Baucus is almost as unbearable as Joe Lieberman. If health care reform is as much of a failure as he would like it to be, what I would like to see is a grass roots movement to field “health care” candidates in the 2010 mid-term elections. Candidates aren’t even necessary – perhaps just a campaign to get would-be Democratic voters to write in “Universal Health Care” on their ballots. If there was a sizable portion of the electorate did just that, then maybe the party would realize that there are certain values that voters expect to be included in the agenda when they elect Democrats. Then maybe they’d get that there are certain goals, although sometimes controversial, are worth fighting for.

Republican lawmaker admits he broke law

September 11, 2009

After a settlement deal with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, State Sen. Dan Kapanke admitted he broke state open records laws by failing to disclose documents relating to a couple of economic forums he held in June. Earlier, the DPW had filed suit against Kapanke, alleging he was hiding documents that would have revealed he had used his state staff for campaign purposes, a violation of state ethics law.

Of course, the DPW is celebrating the settlement by insisting that Kapanke was hiding illegal activities for months, while Kapanke and company are apologizing for “overlooking documents.”

Of course, the way the Democrats keep the issue going rests in the $38,000 that the state will pay the DPW in attorney fees. Although it’s part of the settlement, Democrats are now spotlighting the taxpayer money that is going to pay for “Kapanke’s illegal activities.” Liberals throughout the state are now demanding that Kapanke pay the fee out of his own pocket, which might happen, depending, quite frankly, on the lawmaker’s financial situation. What seems more probable is a payment from the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Debtor Democrats

June 25, 2009

Here’s how scared of the oil lobby state Democrats are:

Democratic leaders have proposed eliminating the oil franchise fee Gov. Jim Doyle proposed to help fund transportation projects and instead replace it with a combination of revenue streams and bonding.

OK, maybe the Dems aren’t scared of the oil lobby, they’re scared of voters, who have been duped into believing that gas taxes are more sadistic than any other tax. Hence, rather than propose a meaningless tax on something that is pitifully undertaxed, the state will sell more bonds and put the government deeper into debt. Here’s the sad part: the Dems aren’t necessarily worried about the oil lobby, they’re scared of voters. Voters put an unrealistically high value on gas prices, hence, any officeholder who votes in favor of raising gas prices, no matter how little (4 cents a gallon) is politically vulnerable.

Budget depends on drunks

June 24, 2009

You can’t have a state full of drunks and simply hope that they’ll only affect drunk driving laws. They’ll probably write the budget as well.

Just look at the conference committee that’s going to try to hammer out the differences between the Senate and the Assembly’s versions of the budget. The lead Democrat on the committee is Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, a proud OWI convict.

Additionally, success for the Democrats’ is likely hinging on the vote of independent Rep. Jeff Wood. Wood was a Republican until he decided to desert the party because it had abandoned the principles of limited government and low taxes. So now he caucuses with the Democrats…strange.

Well, one day you start voting with the Democrats…the next day..

State Rep. Jeff Wood (I-Bloomer) had a blood-alcohol level of 0.15 – nearly twice the legal limit – when he was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and possession of marijuana, according to a police report released Monday.

Wood said he ran into college friends at a biofuels event Thursday and went to a bar. He said he accepted marijuana and a pipe someone offered him and got in his car.

Now it looks like Woods may not be a reliable vote for the Dems on the budget. He’s been complaining about earmarks and a bunch of other vague illusions to things he doesn’t like. With one Democratic representative tending to a sick wife, the Democrats may be wishing they had an even bigger party guy (pun absolutely intended) to depend on for passage.

Give illegal immigrants driver licenses

June 22, 2009

You know you’re on the good guys team when the dairy farmers support you. Yeah, the subsidies they get might be a little unfair, but dammit, unless your kid is one of 75% of humans who is lactose intolerant, he needs his milk! Also, they selflessly help us find kidnapped people.

Representatives from law enforcement, the dairy industry, labor groups and religious organizations urged lawmakers this morning to approve a provision in the state budget that would provide limited driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

No wonder the Democrat who axed the deal, Sen. Tim Carpenter, comes from Milwaukee, where cows are only found between the buns of a big mac and people probably assume that milk is made at the Miller Brewery. In an email leaked to the press, Carpenter bragged about convincing other Democrats to retreat from this safety proposal, as well as nix a provision that would allow children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition in the UW system.

Although I disagree with Democrats on a variety of issues, it truly is disheartening when they not only water-down good policy, but abandon it all together. This is not a surrender to more moderate or even conservative philosophy, this is a surrender to knee-jerk right wing maniacs and talk radio hosts.

Senate Democrats: a gang of sell outs

June 21, 2009

Forward Thinking hits the nail on the head: disgusting, despicable.

An email leaked from State Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) shows the senator boasting about his efforts to remove a provision of the budget that would have allowed the children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition for college. In addition, a proposal to allow illegal immigrants to get driving cards was taken out by Senate Democrats. Ironically Senate Democrats have made “common-sense” driving safety issues somewhat of a theme in their budget talking points, including a new law that will allow cops to pull over drivers without seat belts and a provision to make auto insurance mandatory.

Furthermore, a very comprehensive article in the Journal-Sentinel discusses the Senate Dems surrender on the oil tax, which could have raised the price of gas up to 4 cents a gallon. Their alternative, which will raise capital gains taxes on about 9% of state residents, is a reasonable plan, but it’s nauseating to listen to them justify it by alleging that they are protecting “Wisconsinites at the pump.”

At least the Senate Dems have gone ahead and endorsed a plan to create domestic partner registries.