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Herald endorses legalization of marijuana. Hopefully not the first time in the paper’s history but you never know. It’s good to see the logical argument made – decriminalization only gets us half of what we should have: a fair and regulated marijuana market. Good to see the Herald has a readership in Norway (first comment). Norway is the third most cited European nation of origin in Wisconsin, I believe.

Beth Mueller has apparently watched enough Cheech and Chong to determine that marijuana cannot “be used to an extent which does not impair reason.”

“I get calls from the White House from the highest people of power to the cabinets . . .  they call me many times about this or that on health care,” Tommy Thompson says. Sounds like a guy running for Senate.

Rumors about the impending death of the Neumann campaign are already afoot. Democrats should be praying he stays in as long as possible.

A UW-Madison prof tells of the torture of reading term papers.

Some WI businesses making money during this recession. There is some stimulus.

Too many people read Alec Slocum’s column and are not hunting deer.

WisOpinion has set up a weekly showdown between two guys over the federal stimulus. A good passage to start with: “Brian, it’s taken me a little while to get back at you because your missive made me spit a mouthful of fair trade coffee across my computer screen.”

Paul Soglin: When will Paul Ryan look at the facts about the deficit?

Playground Politics points out the following: There’s a difference between winning and competing. Terri McCormack, one of the Republican candidate looking to challenge Steve Kagan, does not distinguish between the two, at least when it comes to her supposed 1977 Harry Truman Scholarship. When it comes to politics…we’ll see.

Now the NYTimes is talking about the asian carp that’s going to strike and kill the Great Lakes, according to James Rowen.

Mental health parity coming up again in Wisconsin. Girl tells a story of anorexia.

Think GM is recovering? Ask somebody in Janesville.


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  1. Erik Paulson Says:

    Jack, TAs don’t read PhD dissertations.

    And the horror that the professor is talking about is the strict formatting requirement the Grad School has for dissertations. They’re so strict that they actually require an in-person review, where they may measure your margins. It’s the “Deposit” step, and they charge us $90 for the privilege of turning in our dissertation. (To be fair, they put it on microfiche and bind it, and then dump it in the basement of Memorial Library)

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