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March 8, 2010

Yeah I watched some of the academy awards, but more importantly, I played some serious Chatroulette. That Russian guy is a genius. How revolutionary. It just might eliminate war, the small cost being a generation whose only method of addressing problems in relationships is to press “next.” A few of my friends and I watched a group of guys in Texas improvise a song based on a random word we gave them. Next we ran into breast-seeking junior hockey players from Minnesota. We were sorry to disappoint them.

High of 45, low of 26. Monday’s my hardest day of the week, which means I have to start it out right with a margarita from El Rio Grande.

“Student discipline should never cause injury or death,” Sen. Julie Lassa said in a release. How naive.

Milwaukee County Supervisor sentenced to 6 months of jail for fraud.

Good article by the WSJ on a potential Thompson run. Feingold’s response was perfect. Shows a sense of humor and desire for a challenge but managed to nail Thompson for working as a lobbyist and abandoning Wisconsin. The message is clear: You really wanna come back now Tommy? We thought you’d forgotten about us.

Yet another limit on gubernatorial vetoes introduced. Governors would not be able to raise or lower spending on individual items.

“If just 1 percent of Wausau’s population goes uncounted in the 2010 census, the city stands to lose nearly $500,000 a year in federal money.”

“Speaking on local terms, Patz said Wisconsinites routinely drink contaminated water.”

The Post-Crescent has been keeping up with Kagen and health care pretty well. Most recent update: White House giving Kagen major love on his efforts to require health care product prices be listed.

ALRC changes rules requiring property owners to find tenants within a year if they want to keep their liquor licenses. I don’t really know much about the issue but I don’t think the Cardinal did a very good job explaining why the current restriction could be a nuisance to small businesses.

New professor of Hmong studies. That’s cool –– we’re one of the only universities to have a department of Scandinavian Studies (I’ve taken two Scandinavia history courses!) so it would make sense to try and take advantage of another significant culture/ethnicity that’s somewhat unique to the area.

Wow, enough with the office space already.

That makes sense. 311 is a service for non-emergency information. Why not make non-emergency police calls go there?

Take a look at Terrence Wall’s political contributions. Name the guy whose feelings should be hurt by that list.

Candidates always try to pull the wool over the voters eyes with talks of legislative process.

Oh good, Republicans railing against drug users. You just know this will result in good policy.

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March 5, 2010

What a beeeeautiful morning in Madtown! High of 40, low of 18. I know of at least a few people who are planning to play frisbee on Bascom today. When is the Oscars? Either way, you don’t need to watch anymore because the Daily Cardinal tells us who’s going to win what.

Some day I’m going to get my camera back from Paul Nicholas Nugent, who lives on Pinckney St, and I will take pictures of food myself. But until then, I sure do appreciate those people from Eating in Madison A to Z. It looks like some Friday fish fry from Eddie’s Alehouse.

$5.1 million federal stimulus grant to increase speed and connectivity between Madison’s internet tubes.

Couple legislators announce retirements. Friske (R-Merrill) and Lothian (R-Lake Geneva) are turning it in.  Former Rep. Lasee announces bid for State Senate.

Dane County Regional Transit Authority promises referendum for any sales tax increase.

Senate gives up on Milwaukee Schools now that Wisconsin is out of running for federal race to the top funds. Nevertheless, it approves a ban on health insurers using alcohol or drug use as reason to deny coverage.

“Wisconsin Assembly passes bills helping businesses.” The Post-Crescent takes its times explaining what that means.

Assembly also passes bills allowing victims of “gender-based crimes” to pursue civil action. I don’t really see how this wouldn’t be possible before –– I’m no legal expert, can somebody explain?

Compare the Cardinal and Herald’s coverage of the Holocaust denial panel.

ASM update. Seriously, what should we name the new union?

This is Brenda Konkel’s idea of a baby round-up.

OK, this would be a great political move for legislature Republicans. I think. A bill requiring UW to get the legislature’s approval for any eminent domain seizure. But it was introduced by a Democrat, albeit a relatively conservative one.

I can’t wait to see the ulterior motives behind the Assembly’s delay of the scalping ticket bill.

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March 3, 2010

Target coming to town. Fines for people who dump snow onto the sidewalk. Wilco band members are now Madisonians.

Brenda wants to know what’s going on with the library!

This seems small but I think it could be a relatively important policy: Bill seeks time off for school conferences. Parent participation is one of the most important elements in distinguishing school districts.

Bill would require psychological background check for gun purchases. More good policy.

The train plant in Milwaukee is not only making our trains, it could end up making trains for other states. That means expansion and more jobs.

“State needs $1.2 billion to upgrade prisons.” The scandal continues. Will nobody suggest addition by subtraction?

Former Herald sports editor Jonah Braun objects to holocaust denial ad.

Sam Stevenson: Act to advance county’s social services.

Jeff Wood’s day in court.

Walker “winning the privatization battle.”

Uh oh, Kagen wins his constituents an important victory on paper duties. More bragging rights for Novemeber. Them Fox Valley people love their paper.

State funding for health care down. No shit. But I’ll post it again.

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March 2, 2010

It would be tough to get a day as nice as yesterday again, but the forecast does include some sun. High of 34, low of 17. Get pumped –– it’s getting up the the 40’s over the weekend. If you have a bbq to celebrate, I would strongly recommend deep fried coke.

How appropriate. The dude from my poli sci discussion who always wears a coat and tie is running for county board. And I thought poli sci was a waste of time!

Jesus…please don’t let your elected officials get away with this type of bullshit. Scott Walker is NOT going to bring Wisconsin’s unemployment rate to 0 percent.

Next thing we know Walker will be taking credit for the high-speed assembly plant in Milwaukee.

Although I did run into a guy who gave me a very flattering and funny quote on Walker, which I think I’ll put up later today. So stay tuned Walker fans (there are a few of you reading).

Donald Downs is back in the news, fighting for profs rights to criticize administration.

“Green Bay has all the tough issues — the homeless, the sex offenders. We don’t mind helping, but others have to do their share, too.”

Biddy Martin reacts to the holocaust denial. She doesn’t seem to say whether she thinks the Herald made a mistake or not.

The fumbling of the Milwaukee school reform may cost the state mad federal funds.

Doyle “amazed by how partisan” scholarships for low-income students has become.

State ag policy “handcuffs” localities that want to restrict factory farms.

Biddy: Sure we’d like more students, but we’d also like more money!

“Hemp for victory,” says the Cap Times ed board.

Equal Opportunities Commission looks into racial taser targeting.

Guess who has accepted the most money from payday lenders? Assembly Dems.

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March 1, 2010

Man, what a way to start the week. I’ve got a big paper and a problem set due on Wednesday –– all for classes that fill prerequisites that most normal people get out of the way freshman year. How are us seniors supposed to concentrate on the fantasy land of academia when there’s a real world with more menacing threats than a C (you really have to try to fail a liberal arts course).

I deliver the weather and the pizza nevertheless. High of 37, low of 21. Cimino’s Pizza baby.

As much as I’d like to skate, I’d prefer spring. Outdoor rinks closed till next year.

Industrial hemp. Unfortunately it will be a while before we can get recreational hemp. And by that I mean good quality jump-ropes.

And while you’re getting ready for that hemp, hurry up and smoke some tobacco in a bar before it’s illegal. Blow it right in the bartender’s face.

You know, office space is controversial in the U.S. Senate too. Just use seniority and everything will work itself out.

“Since 1991 an important method for the dissemination of Holocaust denial among students has been the placing of advertisements in campus newspapers by Bradley R. Smith, head of the so-called Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust and media director of the IHR.”

Good response to Herald holocaust denial ad in the Cardinal. It’s curious there haven’t been LTEs sent to the Herald on the issue. I know Smathers would run them…but still.

We can’t have it both ways. We either get inspectors and competent administrators or tax cuts. State Journal exposes shoddy DNR oversight of state dairy farms.

And the Journal-Sentinel says we should try overriding that DNR veto again.

How did I miss this: Paul Ryan was one of 19 members of the House to vote against stripping antitrust exemptions for health insurers.

Come on Cap Times, how can you publish this? The head of the Wisconsin Business Council writes a guest column warning of “provisions of the Clean Energy bill that will make doing business harder in Wisconsin,” and never mentions what they are.

“Bob Woodruff. Bill Clinton. Robert Pinsky. John Mellencamp. Brian Williams. John McCain. Dan Rather.” A bunch of no-names except for John Cougar Mellencamp, who’s probably not available. Is the Badger Herald cereal?

“I don’t remember any discussion about that at the time. There were a few guys who would make fun of a few effeminate boys, but that’s a different thing than homosexuality. Homosexuality was not on anyone’s radar. And that’s a good thing.”

Legislative Audit Bureau says full restoration of Wisconsin GI Bill will cost $14 million over six years.

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February 26, 2010

There were a lot of birthdays yesterday. Not only did Madison celebrate the birth of county board candidate Michael Johnson and College Dems head Molly Rivera, who I believe was spotted at Wando’s drinking a fishbowl of five hour energy drink, but also my cherished commenter Whitney Swance and my neighbor Val, who threw a bitchin’ party last night. That’s where I discovered my other neighbor’s blog. She’s graduating early and moving to Florida –– tell her why that’s not a good idea and that the Sconz sent you.

High of 30, low of 17 and sunny! Sounds like a Carnival baby!

Head of ASCME calls board of Wisconsin Policy Research Institute “a band of prostitutes.”

Thank God. The Council should seriously consider this provision, which would push back the date at which landlords can start showing apartments.

Wisconsin, like all other states, is desperate for Medicaid funds.

Looking to skate tonight? Check out the conditions of the various rinks in Madison.

Fishing club says Assembly forest bill violates constitution. I was definitely not familiar with this provision, which bans “private bills,” which affect only one group or person. I don’t think there will be any serious legal challenge though.

Funny thing is the City Council targets specific groups all the time –– this new provision to require bars over a capacity of 49 to get an entertainment license is sort of an example.

Where are these diploma mills and where can I sign up?

Incredible. The minority leader in the senate calls Badger Care Basic a “government take-over of healthcare.”

No Patrick, the GOP is not becoming more libertarian.

Don’t split the grad school up, writes Cardinal ed board.

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February 24, 2010

High of 23, low of 10. Sounds like a good day to hang out in the Plaza, where I hear Mayor Dave eats lunch all the time, and whose employees have expressed interest in getting WiFi! Damn the Herald has a ton of political stories today. NO! Eating in Madison A to Z disses Buck’s Madison Square Garden. But wait, why are they going back to the B now? I thought they were on M.

If you want the truth about Buck’s, I’ve written extensively on the subject, both here and here.

DNR bill fails to override veto. I’m glad Wispolitics explained what the amended bill actually meant. You see, the final bill would have required the Senate approve the board appointee. I still think it’s better than a gubernatorial appointee.

Many years ago: When the change was made to a Governor’s appointed system, then Attorney General Doyle called it a “wholesale attack on the way we protect the environment.”

“Brothers Bar — a clean, well-lit place for bros of all flavors — has been ordered to move its location to make way for a new music school building.”

Joey Labuz on overworked bus drivers: “You can credit such Gehrig-like stats to a nagging wife, chronic insomnia or just a good old-fashioned Protestant work ethic, but you cannot defend such a precedent as safe.”

This sounds a little over the top for a state-level candidate: “As of Nov. 2, 2010, we don’t have to be scared anymore, because help is on the way,” Walker said. That was at the WMC convention, where Barrett and Walker both spoke.

Oh no! Madison to be flooded with varsity jackets.

Edgewater people win zoning changes. Will this allow an onslaught of new lakefront development? It seems that Mike Verveer is worried about that.

We need state money: “Radomski said the average debt for 2008 graduates was $21,000 and 52 percent of students graduate with debt.”

“Trevino Murphy said she will do whatever it takes to get funding for Campus Women’s Center, and the next step to get funding will be to go directly to Chancellor Biddy Martin.”

Wow, this lady hates Mayor Dave.

Take a guess at who blocked final passage of a bill restricting race-based mascot names? Come on, you know it.

Have you heard about Scott Walker’s brown bag tour?

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February 23, 2010

I gotta get to Einstein’s! Had a bunch of potentially fabulous brunch links last night at the Isthmus Big Eat, I unfortunately did not have my camera on me. The person who has it –– are you reading? There will be consequences. High of 29, low of 14. I don’t know what the hell this is, but it comes from Bonfyre American Grille.

Grad school reform: a little one.

Swine Flu at UW: dead.

Isn’t that cute? Both Sconz writers on the Opinion Page today. Haha –– I did mean to point this out. What were those Brothers thinking when they designed that poster? Too much venom skewed their sense of logic.

Jaimie thinks we should accept that computers can supplant Kindergarten teachers –– and mothers too I assume? One thing though Jaimie, I don’t think there’s been an “increase in middle school libido.” I’m pretty sure it’s about the same as when you learned how to hunt wooly mammoths in middle school.

Today is the vote on the Secretary of DNR veto override.

And the issue of race-based mascots has been brought back from the dead. The Assembly will vote on it today.

Rep. Brett Davis (R-Oregon) announces bid for LG.

That coincides with the State of the Tribes speech at the legislature today. In practice, I understand why the legislature would be a good place to have it, but in theory the tribes have very little to do with the state –– they deal directly with the feds.

Overtime pay at the Sheriff’s Office.

Feature article on Madison schools’ attempts to get more input from minority parents.

Ha! Accuse an attorney general of plagiarism? Good catch Dan Bice!

But then for every accusation the Journal-Sentinel makes comes an accusation against the JS. Here’s one alleging the JS misled on the stimulus.

YES! Stop whining about property taxes –– fees are everybody’s favorite way to raise money.

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February 22, 2010

Hiya 32 lowa 21. Der some snow today? You betcha! I have not accepted any money or other incentive to promote Granola from the International Granola Workers Union.

Oh dang. Mark Neumann hits the teevee (Sorry Illusory Tenant, you should have trademarked that spelling). Click here to download the ad.

No plowing today. Jes salt.

How to get tax advantages if you own land (Terrence).

Kathleen Falk and Mayor Dave split victories over 911 call center in first round in court.

“When I first went to the [Oneida] council, we had an official budget of between $200 and $500,” McLester said. In 2008, the Oneida tribe’s annual budget was more than $500 million.

“Experts say Wisconsin’s high suicide rate relative to those of neighboring states could be linked to a high rate of binge drinking, easy access to firearms and lack of available mental health care, especially in rural areas.”

It’s really sad to see all these earnest, right wing bloggers buy into CPAC –– the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering run by the American Conservative Union, which sells its endorsements to the highest bidder.

Brenda Konkel got errythang you want to know about this week in the Common Council.

This really isn’t a big deal but watch it become the biggest issue on campus: Football ticket prices rise $3.

It is telling that the Cardinal didn’t run the article. On one hand I think it shows they lack a sense of the student pulse, but on the other hand, I’d much rather read about opposition to Doyle’s climate bill. But come on. This is a feature-ish article. Do some interviews.

It’s been good to see the Herald embrace its role as a college newspaper. This editorial shows that.

Ah Jim –– if you weren’t a lame duck maybe you’d have had a chance at the chair of the Midwestern Governor’s Association. Instead it’s Ted Strickland of Ohio. Gerald, are you still there?

Looks like we’ll finally get some money to clean up the Great Lakes though.

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February 19, 2010

OK, back from a slow day yesterday. The crick in my neck is slightly better but still preventing me from doing Brunch Links in bed, which is where the best ones come from. Trust me. High of 35, low of 18 in Madison today. Eating in Madison’s got “no beef” with Beef O’Brady’s.

It’s all over the news. Mayor Dave v. Kathleen Falk. 911 center is the issue. Mayor Dave discusses on his blog.

The 911 center may also face new restrictions from the state, which will look at a bill to limit access to tapes of 911 calls. The bill is supported by the Zimmerman family.

Seriously, where’s that station gonna be?

“Our students are talented, imaginative and well-meaning,” wrote Biddy Martin in response to this awesome Valentine’s Day song created for her.

“Although genuine concerns about long-term financial responsibility are legitimate when considering a project of this size, the hyperbolic posturing on display is more about scoring cheap political points than fiscal common sense,” writes the Cardinal ed board about the GOP + trains.

Man, talk about big government. First Brother’s Bar is getting seized by eminent domain, and then their campaign poster against the action is taken down because it doesn’t comply with city codes. These guys might have to move to Idaho.

$29 million for more broadband in Wisconsin. I assume my bedroom will inexplicably excluded three days of the week.

The Herald ed board offers up name suggestions for the new Union South.

State Senate to vote on Badger Care Plus Basic today.

Tom Barrett says Doyle and Dems need to change their climate change bill.

“Covered parking lots” is the way to go if you’re a big developer trying to impress some Madison liberals progressives.

Cap Times: But Sheridan’s deceits are not what he should be apologizing for. What he should be apologizing for is the payday loan bill the Assembly passed under the guise of addressing abuses by the payday loan industry.

Wisconsin G.I. bill up for revision. Perhaps.