Gunning up for Socialism


Every red-blooded American knows why handguns are practically illegal in Europe. Unlike America, which is governed by the sweat, blood and tears of its own people, European nations are controlled by a tyrannical socialist (masonic) elite who stays in power only because its oppressed citizens are prohibited from bearing arms. It’s good to know this will never be the case in the USA:

Meanwhile, in Madison background checks for handguns are running nearly 36 percent above last year, suggesting a big increase in gun sales.

People on both sides of the gun control debate agree on this: People have been stocking up on guns and ammunition since President Barack Obama took office early this year.

“This is definitely a nationwide trend,” said Alexa Fritts, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association. “We believe the increase in gun sales and the ammunition shortage is a direct result of our current administration.”

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2 Responses to “Gunning up for Socialism”

  1. pvtwitt Says:

    Everytime I convince a friend from the Aul’ Socialist Utopia of Europe to visit Madison, one of the first things on the to-do list is go buy a gun at Dicks Sporting goods. I just love to see how their eyes light up* at the prospect of gun ownership.

    *I concede fear and merriment are hard emotions to tell apart via facial expression

  2. Jen Says:

    Well my grandpa did buy two new shotguns late last fall and cited Obama as his reason for doing so.

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