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High of 44 and low of 36. Diversity is throwing down on the Herald and Cardinal opinion pages. Feel free to write in any bathroom stalls.

I posted some news on the Edgewater late last night. Verveer says he is unlikely to vote for the project in the Council.

Result of the 2008 cable bill: cable rates have gone up 21 percent.

Mayor Dave wasn’t the only guy who came up empty this deer hunting season. Less than 200k killed this year, compared to 276,000 last year.

Brenda Konkel wonders if Ald. Mark Clear has committed an ethics violation.

Another blogger wonders if local officials are underpaid.

Rep. Amy Vrunink (D-Milladore) introduces bill to restrict eminent domain power of board of regents. Surprising. What does an out-of-district Democrat care (presumably about Brothers)?

58 percent of Sconnies support a public option.

“Citing that the state’s resource allocation and press coverage are structured in a way that puts female candidates at a disadvantage, Lawton said she “hate[d] to admit” Wisconsin is not yet ready for a female governor.”

A lot of people want money from the Madison Initiative for Undergrads.

“[Legislative Affairs] had a big impact in the mayor’s decision to appoint Mark Woulf (as ALRC’s new citizen voting member),” Eagon said. Really? Wasn’t he the only applicant? In fact, when I made light of that fact, I got an email from an alder who gently chided me for making noise about an already settled issue (that Woulf would be appointed). I bet Eagon was actually referring to Woulf’s appointment as technical adviser in May.

Local businessman speaks out against primate testing.

It’s an all out war against Asian Carp in the Great Lakes Basin. Illinois officials are going to poison 6 miles of a canal that leads into Lake Michigan today in hopes of stemming the flow of the invasive species. At the same time, Wisconsin officials are investigating why thousands of dead fish washed ashore at a lake in eastern Wisconsin.

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Paul A. Says:

    Lower deer yields this year can only mean one thing:

    They are getting smarter, and currently planning a counterattack upon mankind in vengence for the slaughter. I, for one, welcome our new Odocoileinae overlords and look forward to our imposed diet of shoots, leaves, fruits, and grasses.

  2. shane Says:

    Local businessman speaks…

    Him being a Local businessman has nothing to do with the story. Him being a local anti primate research activist kinda does. Dont you think? Funny they didnt mention that.

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