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Wyndham Manning speaks…about animal ethics?

February 9, 2010


Twenty Dane County supervisors sent a letter to UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin on Friday questioning the university’s process for deciding whether monkey experimentation is ethical.

In the letter, the supervisors asked whether that committee, the All-Campus Animal Care and Use Committee, is the right body to look into ethical questions.

The first signature on the letter was from none other than our tireless student advocate Wyndham Manning.

Ignoring Manning’s ineptitude, which I am very surprised Johnson would want anything to do with via an endorsement, what does the County Board think is going to happen? Biddy Martin is going to go to this debate of semi-qualified people, form a steadfast conclusion on one of the trickiest area of applied ethics, and end all primate research on campus, costing the University tens of millions of dollars?

Time for a new strategy guys.

Analiese Eicher declares for Dane County Board

November 11, 2009

Analiese Eicher, a UW student and member of the College Democrats, has declared her candidacy for the Dane County district 5 seat, which is currently held by former UW student Wyndham Manning.

You can expect the Herald to comment on this development in days to come. The Herald has been the loudest voice against Manning’s perceived slothfulness on the Board.