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The upside of Gableman’s win

November 13, 2009

Despite the disappointing result of the Gableman fiasco, supporters of judicial reform have reason to be optimistic. Although Gableman and his right wing allies will undoubtedly claim victory, the judge comes out of this ordeal politically tarnished. Even the panel that ruled in his favor today chastised him for behavior unbecoming of a Supreme Court justice.

The press has been unanimous in its denouncement of his campaign’s lies misleading speech, but more importantly, it has also made clear that Gableman’s overt disdain for basic constitutional rights makes him fundamentally unqualified to be a judge.

So what? Gableman has another ten years to serve the interests who put him on the Court. Yes, but voters will remember him during other judicial contests. I predict that future Supreme Court races will be compared to the Gableman-Butler race, and that the media and the electorate will pay greater attention to the sleaze that defined Gableman’s victory.

Journal-Sentinel ed board: “A lie is a lie is a lie.”

Appleton Post Crescent:  Court Campaign Bill doesn’t go far enough.


Gableman stayin alive

July 19, 2009

It looks like Michael Gableman can dedicate his time to considerably bigger headaches now.

State regulators have dismissed a complaint against Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman that contended he made campaign calls from a government phone when he was Ashland County district attorney in 2002.

Good. It would be an awful shame if such a corrupt public figure went down over such trifles. Hopefully the complaint filed against him by the Wisconsin Judicial Commission will be more fruitful.