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Ditch the University Bookstore

January 16, 2010

Tomorrow is the last chance to participate in the ASM book swap. Drop your books off at Gordon Commons, Room A2 between 10:30 and 3 p.m.

But even if that doesn’t work out, and you haven’t already bought your books online, and you’ve resigned yourself to being ruthlessly ripped off yet again, consider spending your money somewhere besides the University Bookstore. Many people don’t know that there are multiple stores in Madison that sell textbooks, and many of them have much more to offer than over-priced books and Bucky apparel.

I’m not talking about the Underground Textbook Exchange. As far as I know (and that’s not much) that place only exists to keep the University Bookstore honest. The price difference is rarely more than a matter of cents, and the store doesn’t offer anything interesting in addition.

I would encourage you to check out one of the independent bookstores. If for no better reason than to talk to people who will have some (or at least claim to have some) wild stories about the Madison of yore. That’s one of the benefits of visiting a store that sells a product which interests nobody below the age of 40.

Room of One’s Own Feminist Bookstore and the Rainbow Books Co-Op are such places. The feminist/leftist buzzwords can cause nausea after too long a time, but both places offer pieces of history and culture that make places like Madison interesting.

Those are two places to go for textbooks; there are still more places to go for literature or humanities courses. Much of your required reading for liberal arts courses can be found at Paul’s, Avol’s or Browzers. Of course, that’s only if you insist on spending money. Memorial Library has still more.