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Bars: The Plaza

August 21, 2009

How cliché. I went to the Plaza for the first time since moving in practically next door and who do I run into other than Danny Spirn of the Critical Badger and Mac Verstandig, the flamboyantly right wing former editor-in-chief of the Badger Herald. After reminding Verstandig about the last time I had seen him – which featured Verstanding in a new McCain-Palin polo, pontificating to the herald office about Florida’s unbreakably red character – I went to the bar to inquire about drink specials, but more importantly, the famous Plaza burger.

Drink specials weren’t that bad. Top-o-the-line rum cocktails for $2.50 on a Tuesday night and $2 off pitchers. Top shelf rum is cool, but when you offer that deal, it makes a guy like me imagine an even cheaper drink with rail rum. Just a suggestion. I think I’m going to make that one in person as well, since the staff seemed very friendly – and oddly sophisticated.

The burger was pretty good, although it’s not very big. There’s some kind of ranch sauce they put on it. The Plaza definitely has cheap bar food, which, believe it or not, is something that quite a few Madison bars lack.

During the day the inside of the bar is an eye sore. A long hall of white floor, almost completely devoid of sunlight. But at night there’s something that happens to the Plaza that brings out a certain charm that apparently has worked for decades. It’s garnered somewhat of a cult status in certain Madison circles, as noted by the Critical Badger.

Good food, good drinks, good people. Now that Ramhead is closed, I can comfortably say the Plaza is the best bar on my block.