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Why do we like the Spaniards so much?

February 15, 2010

First we give the Spanish a highly-coveted high speed rail contract, and now Tom Barrett is announcing a Spanish company’s successful bid for a wind turbine project in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett today announced Spanish manufacturer Ingeteam will build a wind-turbine parts plant in Milwaukee, as he touted the city’s successes on the jobs front in his annual State of the City speech.

Barrett, who is running for governor, invited WE Energies CEO Gale Klappa to make the announcement about Ingeteam. Klappa said the Spain-based firm chose Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley for its first-ever American manufacturing plant and said it would bring hundreds of jobs to the valley.

Klappa described the company as heavily involved in renewable energy and the making of generators, converters and other essential components for wind turbines. Ingeteam’s Web site lists among its products converters, generators and control electronics for wind-generators, electric pitch, telecontrol of wind parks, integral maintenance of parks.

Is there a local version of Lou Dobbs who will make the prediction that the company will only hire illegal immigrants with whom their executives can communicate.