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Sexism on city council?

July 9, 2009

Brenda Konkel suspects it.

Essentially, whether you believe the post has any credence depends entirely on your trust in Brenda Konkel. I for one believe she is not just making things up or even exaggerating, because if she were her case would probably be more convincing. She admits that the examples she lists are not particularly noteworthy, but she thinks that little gestures of disrespect to women may be a trend on the council with some of the male members. Not knowing anything about Council protocol, it’s hard for me to judge the incidents she lists. Maybe a couple of them were valid, but a couple of the descriptions were mind-expanding:

“As she is talking, Bruer is talking to Schumacher. Schmidt and Eagon are listening to Shiva more or less and looking at their materials and thinking about things but not clearly actively listening but also not actively not listening.”