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Sam Clegg disses my boy Marlin Schneider

January 28, 2010

I now realize that what was meant to be playful kidding in this post came off as arrogant and judgmental. That is not the style I would like to be associated with, so I apologize.

Thanks Jim Arndt, for pointing this one out to me. Sometimes my friend Sam Clegg writes opinion pieces that have no point. Other times, he writes pieces that have a point that nobody reading can figure out. So it’s hard to determine which category his recent column on OWI laws (at least that I’m partially sure of) falls into. But one thing is sure: he dissed my boy Marlin Schneider.

“Any reasonable analysis of the voting tally, along with a consideration of the issue at hand, would conclude Schneider is either a Neanderthal or a frat boy who stumbled into the legislature by mistake.”

It would be hard for me to nail Sam on this one. If I told him that Schneider is actually the longest-serving member of the Wisconsin Assembly in history, he would feel vindicated on his point that Wisconsin politics is run by morons.

However, what I will say is that there is no member of the legislature is as open to questions as Schneider. Although I often do not agree with some of the reasoning he uses to justify his votes, I have at least had the privilege of an unrestricted version of it –– something very uncommon when talking to politicians.

Yesterday I emailed him about legislation that will restrict public access to certain court records and he responded literally within the minute. On the issue of OWI he sent me two very long emails with a very sincere discussion of alcohol in Wisconsin that I can’t imagine any politician who worries about re-election would want to have. Among other things he called alcoholism classes in technical schools “a joke,” said that almost all people drink before they turn 21, and expressed compassion for people stuck with criminal records who cannot find jobs.

Sam, you might not like the conclusions Schneider draws, but I assure you, he’s your kind of guy.

Clegg comes out against the Olive Garden

July 19, 2009

Former Badger Herald Editorial Page editor Sam Clegg issued a strongly worded rebuke of the Olive Garden, a popular Italian-style restaurant chain. Clegg, a 20 year old Canadian citizen, expressed contempt for the menu, the atmosphere and what he described as the restaurant’s “offensive ad campaigns.”

“Look, I know I might be out of touch, but the suggestion that mass-made spaghetti can foster love is absurd,” Clegg wrote in an email to the Sconz.

The inaccuracy of the Olive Garden’s marketing and its apparent success has made Clegg rethink his belief in libertarianism. “In theory free markets is the way to go, but when you’ve got these moral degenerates exploiting America’s weakness for free breadsticks and ripping middle class families off for mediocre food…the government has to do something about this!”

“The salad’s not bad,” added Clegg sheepishly. “But the lasagna…,” Clegg lifted his hands in the air to express bewilderment. “Sometimes I really don’t understand what’s wrong with this country. Are these people really so easily satisfied?”

Clegg’s colleagues at the Herald say the restaurant has been a sensitive topic around the office. “Sam’s a smart guy, don’t get me wrong – he just has some really deep-seated prejudices,” said Herald editor-in-chief Jason Smathers.

“We all thought his opposition to the Olive Garden had something to do with some kind of childhood trauma that took place there,” added Herald managing editor Kevin Bargnes. “However, the problem obviously runs deeper, because when we suggested three other restaurants to hold the end of the year banquet: Applebee’s, Chili’s and T.G.I. Friday’s, Clegg stormed out of the office and actually skipped the dinner.”

“He apologized but it didn’t sound sincere,” said Eric Schmidt, Clegg’s replacement as Ed Page editor. Schmidt, added that, while he wasn’t “crazy” about the restaurant, he could not see how a reasonable person would pass up the unlimited genuine “Sicilian soup” re-fills.

The controversy over the Olive Garden reportedly contributed to Clegg’s decision to take a semester abroad in France.