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Are downtown bars discriminated against?

September 21, 2009

Apparently even the Herald Editorial Board has come out against the Kollege Klub:

Surveillance cameras have one basic function, and that’s to serve as physical evidence in case something goes terribly wrong. Wedding receptions and episodes of “Friends” can be taped over; instances of battery cannot.

My guess is that this editorial was penned by Sean Kittridge.

Some in the community have raised questions about the difference in treatment between downtown and outskirts bars. At the recent meeting of the Downtown Coordinating Committee, ASM rep Erik Paulson asked why the alcohol coordinator was not cracking down harder on Wiggie’s Bar and Grill, which was just recently host to a man who forced someone to strip at gunpoint in the bathroom. According to Paulson, this is not the first of Wiggie’s gun issues. “If this happened in a downtown bar, it’d be long since closed,” he wrote to me in an email.

KK suspended – where will the jersey chasers go?

September 16, 2009

That’s the question one commenter asked on the Herald article about the Kollege Klub’s one month suspension.

Surprising to see only one council member voted against the suspension. You’d think Bryon Eagon and Bridget Maniaci might have voted against. Of course, even a very pro-bar alder can make a good case for supporting the suspension – fights. Even those who oppose police raids and underage citations can say that the KK had legitimate security issues and there needed to be consequences. In fact, if you oppose bar raids for underage drinking, you can point to the KK as a place where cops actually should be.

UPDATE: According to Eagon, the vote on the Council represented an approval of the deal worked out between the KK owner and the City Attorney’s office. Therefore, a vote in favor was in many ways a vote to accept a sort of plea bargain.

The Herald also discussed the prospect of a student member on the ALRC, but anybody who read the article is probably extremely confused:

Ald. Bryon Eagon, District 8, had made a motion during the previous CCOC meeting to have a student have a vote on the CCOC, but the motion to amend the proposal failed.

The second CCOC should be replaced with ALRC.

Keep in mind: the suspension will take place in December and January, when many students will be away over break.