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Brunch Links

July 14, 2009

We’ll be touching on a few national and international issues today chez le Sconz. I do feel relatively guilty linking to the Washington Post considering that the rag allowed an op-ed today by Sarah Palin that wasn’t even about little league hockey. Illusory Tenant discusses.

WaPo: Sen. Herb Kohl questions Sotomayor: “I would like to suggest that this constant criticism of you in terms of your inability to be an impartial judge is totally refuted by the record that you’ve compiled as a federal judge up to this point.”

Bucknaked Politics: Kim Jong-il has pancreatic cancer, reports South Korean intelligence.

Forward Our Motto: Two Dane County cities make Money Magazine’s top 100 small towns to live in, one at number 4! You have to guess before you hit the link.

Paul Soglin: Target is coming to University Ave.

Critical Badger: $150 of our seg-fees go to the union.

Cap Times: Gubernatorial candidates exploiting social media.