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It’s official: Lieberman works for GOP

December 27, 2009

There’s been a lot of noise about Cap and Trade amongst Democrats  in Washington. Many Democrats from conservative areas are worried about the political consequences of passing meaningful legislation to combat climate change. As a result, it looks like Cap and Trade may not pass the Senate. However, one member of the Democratic caucus is too fearless a proponent of the environment to let public opinion guide his politics:

“We’ve got to keep them together [cap-and-trade and energy policy] because they go together,” said Connecticut Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman, who infuriated liberals with his opposition to the public option in the health care bill but who’s trying to keep cap-and-trade alive in a bipartisan climate bill he’s drafting with Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Isn’t it curious that Lieberman only supports the liberal position when it is clearly bad politically? The public option would have passed much easier than cap-and-trade. In fact, even liberal Democrats like Russ Feingold have questioned cap-and-trade because it supposedly would unevenly target coal-dependent areas like Wisconsin.

Truth-be-told (at least my version of it) any major energy policy bill that passes through Congress is so impure and pork-laden that it is unappetizing to idealists like Feingold, however, the same can definitely be said of the health care bill.

Franken is a grade-A Sody

December 17, 2009

Al Franken did two things today that earned the Senator from Sody some love from the Sconz.

First, he introduced his foot to the ass of John Thune, who, studliness aside, is a tool.

More importantly, in a bizarre break from Senate custom, Sen. Al Franken, who was serving as presiding officer during afternoon debate on health care, did not grant Sen. Joe Liebermann an extra minute to finish his speech. The C-SPAN addicts among you likely know that the Senate functions largely on an informal “unanimous consent” tradition, which speeds up business and gets some of the more mundane, uncontroversial issues (resolutions honoring high school water polo teams etc) out of the way.

Franken, a newbie, shut down Lieberman’s request for “just an extra moment.” The Straight Talk Express came out against Franken’s move.