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Budget yields…roof gardens!

November 5, 2009

Brenda Konkel highlights the amendments to the city budget.

Not surprising is the amendment added by Michael Schumacher and budget hawk Jed Sanborn to postpone construction of new Central Library until the city can secure funding, including through private donations.

However, the amendment added by Mike Verveer, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, Brian Soloman, Satya Rhodes-Conway and Marsha Rummel harkened back to calls made by the Badger Herald Editorial Board in years past:

“In their evaluation, development and deisgn of the new Central Libary, City staff is directed to study and consider the feasibility of inclusind either a rooftop intensive community garden and/or a green roof.”

Roof gardens are the wave of the future. Not only do they provide a sink for the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, but they make ideal driving ranges (a golf ball never hurt anybody). Unfortunately, Mayor Dave is worried about the potential costs.