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Where did all the fireworks go?

July 4, 2009

Most holidays I celebrate don’t mean more to me than the 21st century tradition they’ve become. Christmas is presents and family – nothing to do with the birth of Christ. Thanksgiving is turkey and the Detroit Lions, and I’d rather not think about the Native Americans whose annihilation the actual holiday celebrates.

The 4th of July is an exception to that rule, because the independence of our country means something to me, whether or not I often question the motives of the Revolutionary War. So ideally I’d like a History Channel special on Thomas Jefferson (could Ice Road Truckers give it a rest for one day?), but that doesn’t mean I don’t also want a barbecue and some goddamn America-loving fireworks!

Today I see that I will probably be able to see some fireworks if I want. There is a show at Winnequa Park in Monona, which means I’ll probably be able to see them if I get to Lake Monona. Still, why was the big Madison show last weekend? Why? The 4th was on a Saturday this year. What more could you want? Did it have to do with weather projections?

Or do people simply have better things to celebrate our nation’s birth?