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“Violent drunk drivers”

October 27, 2009

From Mothers Against Drunk Driving:

MADISON, WISC—Today Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) notified its members of

the possible early release of violent drunk driving offenders from Wisconsin Correctional

facilities. MADD also urged victims to make sure they are registered with the Victims Services

Office at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in order to be notified of any early release of


Just in case the drunk drivers come to your home on a vendetta?

Wisconsin Republicans cling to crime issue

July 10, 2009

Anybody who’s kept up with Republican rhetoric as of late has undoubtedly noticed the GOP hammering the state’s new early-release plan, signed into Gov. Doyle at the beginning of the month. It has become a talking point inserted into any press release on the budget, the Democrats, or Doyle.

Although Scott Walker only vaguely references “protecting the rights of crime victims” in his section on “Standing Up For Wisconsin Families,” other Republicans have gone much further, labeling reforms that encourage inmates to behave and stay out of trouble as “pro-crime.” Just the other day Rep. Scott Sueder warned that thousands of dangerous criminals would soon be in a “neighborhood near you.”

And of course today, Van Wanggaard (that’s a whole name, not a Dutch last name ), a Racine County supervisor, announced his candidacy for the 21st Senate district, citing his opposition to “letting felons from prisons early for budgetary purposes.” That will “put the safety and security” of our neighborhoods and risk, he claims.

Actually, what is really at risk with this new policy is the collective sense of  vindication we have when we see a guy get sent up the river. That the statistics show Wisconsin’s system to be grossly ineffective and detrimental means nothing to the GOP. Like gay bashing and opposition to science, the tough-on-crime beast will eventually die a natural death as voters inevitably realize that they’ve been duped into disregarding facts through fear. However, until that day comes, the GOP will continue to squeeze all the life out of the issue as possible.