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Brunch Links

August 3, 2009

So far so good in Madison today, however, we’re expected to get rain later on. High of 85 and a low of 58. The brunch today looks repulsive. You win some lose some.

The new domestic partner registry is now open! A good, comprehensive piece on the issue at the Cap Times. Can’t wait for the lawsuit from Wisconsin Family Council, or whatever they call themselves.

Doyle awarded the train contract to a Spanish company despite bids from three other companies.

Mayor Dave’s office: “Still, hiring more police is exponentially more expensive than other remedies that may be more effective.

Three Wisconsin women tied a man up and covered him with Krazy glue after finding out that he’d been having affairs with all of them.

The Political Environment: Build the trains in Milwaukee, not Janesville.

State Journal ed board lauds Wisconsin for actually spending stimulus money on bridges that need repairs.

Journal Sentinel argues in favor of taxing the most generous health care benefits.