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MSA president speaks against Ayaan Hirsi Ali

February 1, 2010

Reid Tice, director of the distinguished lecture series, sent me the following video by Rashid Dar, president of the Muslim Student Association, in which Dar speaks against anti-Islam speaker Ayaan Hirsi Ali coming to campus. In case you don’t know, Ali is speaking tomorrow night at the Union. It should be very interesting.

It’s hard to not sympathize with Dar, who confronts prejudice and ignorance on a regular basis as an American Muslim. In the video, he talks about how Muslim students go through this process every year, usually thanks to the College Republicans, who, under the leadership of Sara Mikolajczak, made it their tradition to recognize “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.” Dar says that he thought, “due to changes in the Republican leadership,” he would be the lucky one who wouldn’t have to face implied accusations of conspiracy to commit murder, terrorism and general armageddon.

But he doesn’t explain what exactly is so hateful about Ali. She represents a very different brand than Horowitz and Spencer. From my very limited understanding of her works, she does not urge attacks on religion, she pushes for liberation from it. Any thoughts?