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Bryon Eagon’s blog

June 25, 2009

I was the first commenter on Bryon Eagon’s new blog. Eagon is a student alderman representing Madison’s 2nd district 8th district (my very own).

It would be very much appreciated if more Common Council members started blogging. That way I wouldn’t be dependent on Brenda Konkel for news on the happenings of that lot. Nothing against Brenda but her devotion to her work has sometimes led her to report each meeting, rather than analyze it. Ald. Blank sets his drink down, clears his throat, and asks if anybody has change for a 5 – discussion on iced tea ensues.

Eagon admits that he still hasn’t mastered the blogosphere’s “set of tubes,” but he does have a blackberry and a twitter account, which is connected to the blog. That makes things so much easier, and I realize that I should do the same. NOTE: I do not have a blackberry – I am still a man of the people.

Update: Kristin Czubkowski asks us who from city government we want to see blogging. She suggests Ald Jeb Sanborn, a “libertarian-leaning conservative.” The void that most obviously needs to be filled is that of the “fascist-leaning conservative,” which of course is filled by David Blaska in the Dane County blogosphere. By the way, I am honored by Blaska’s response to my heaps of praise on his anti-sagged pants cause.

Who’s going to challenge Mayor Dave? Will he ban underwear?

June 19, 2009

Interesting forum up at the Daily Page about potential challengers for Mayor Dave Cieslewicz in 2011. This is of course in light of a Cap Times article a couple weeks back that discussed Dave’s alienation of Madison’s hard left. Although some of the descriptions of the mayor go to comical extremes, Dave has clearly become disillusioned with much of the progressive coalition that got him elected in 2003 and 2007. And that of course, is his biggest political sin.

Although he’s taken more centrist positions on a couple of issues, notably the bus fare hike, the main case against Dave seems to be that he’s a traitor. Of course, the group of people who actually take his “rejection very personally” is very small, however, it will be sure to make plenty of noise in the next couple years to remind us that authoritarianism is not restricted to governments with nuclear capabilities – the streetcar proposal was simply the development phase of National Socialism.

Anyhow, it’s really entertaining reading some of the potential candidates people have suggested at the Isthmus. In terms of absurdity I think it’s a tie between Dave Blaska and Mike Verveer. Although I would say Verveer has a better chance, I would not be able to make a truly educated guess until I got his stance on safety, which I’ve already got from Blaska, who included the following as part of his 14 point plan to make our streets safer:

Enact and enforce ordinances prohibiting display of underwear or other obscene gestures, profane language heard beyond three feet; enforce jaywalking, excessive noise and other ordinances.

Although I do agree that it is a degradation of western society when a woman’s bra strap is visible under a tank top, I am slightly concerned that this type of policy could potentially harm those of us who ocassionally use under-garments for alternative purposes. Personally I like to wear boxer-briefs on my head from time to time. I don’t think I should need to explain myself to the fashion police because of this.