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Nothing Kind about this race

September 24, 2009

Ron Kind has officially announced he has no intentions to run for governor next year:

In a conference call Thursday, the La Crosse Democrat cited his work in the U.S. House on health care reform as his reason for deciding to stay in Washington.

“My job is to stay focused on the health care reform that’s pending so that we deliver affordable, quality, accessible health care for all Wisconsin families,” he said. “I’ve got a primary responsibility to do this job well.”

Predictably, there’s nothing particularly interesting in what Kind has to say about the decision. I found the Journal-Sentinel’s article on the matter slightly too deferential to Kind’s talking points “Kind to stay in Congress to work on health care.” However, he did cite his commitment to health care as the overarching reason for him to stay in the House, which made his statement slightly less formulaic than the usual reasons.

However, no analysis in the media has emerged that looks into the pragmatic reasons Kind may have stepped out. For instance, only a small fraction of the money in his war chest could be used to fund a campaign for state office. Considering this, Herb Kohl’s senate seat may be a much more realistic target for Kind, financially as well as politically. The governor’s race would not only feature a daunting primary against at least Barbara Lawton, but a general election in which voters are hostile to the Democratic incumbent and may opt to hand power over to the GOP. Kohl on the other hand is a relatively popular guy who voters may be more interested in replacing with a Democrat.

The person the most unhappy about this decision is without a doubt State Sen. Dan Kapanke, Kind’s apparent Republican challenger in next year’s Congressional election. The western district could have been competitive had Kind left for the governor’s race, however, with ten terms behind him, no Republican has a glimmer of hope unseating the incumbent.

Republican lawmaker admits he broke law

September 11, 2009

After a settlement deal with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, State Sen. Dan Kapanke admitted he broke state open records laws by failing to disclose documents relating to a couple of economic forums he held in June. Earlier, the DPW had filed suit against Kapanke, alleging he was hiding documents that would have revealed he had used his state staff for campaign purposes, a violation of state ethics law.

Of course, the DPW is celebrating the settlement by insisting that Kapanke was hiding illegal activities for months, while Kapanke and company are apologizing for “overlooking documents.”

Of course, the way the Democrats keep the issue going rests in the $38,000 that the state will pay the DPW in attorney fees. Although it’s part of the settlement, Democrats are now spotlighting the taxpayer money that is going to pay for “Kapanke’s illegal activities.” Liberals throughout the state are now demanding that Kapanke pay the fee out of his own pocket, which might happen, depending, quite frankly, on the lawmaker’s financial situation. What seems more probable is a payment from the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Brunch Links

August 20, 2009

Good morning Wisconsin! For the next couple days you’ll be getting your dose of Madison from New Jersey, where the Sconz was actually started nearly three months ago.Today we’ve got some Huveos Rancheros, with what I believe is a margarita in the background. It’s 11 AM somewhere.

CFACT, a group of right wing lunatics, sues UW after being denied funds. They have also won the representation of the Alliance Defense Fund.

Super mayor emerges from hospital (is “hospitalized superhero” an oxymoron?) and says he’s no hero.

Dan Kapanke, the state rep running to unseat Rep. Ron Kind, continues to face a barrage of ethics complaints from the Democratic Party. “It is becoming a distraction.”

Drinking with parents at age 14 may soon be history in Wisconsin.

Smoking ban exemption for a Hookah bar?