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How did the crazies come to Wisconsin?

November 9, 2009

And this story has nothing to do with the guy who sold his name to a Finnish electronics company. That’s just a shrewd businessman.

Those of you who have read The Sconz regularly are likely familiar with my feelings about the Wisconsin Republican Party. I have often wondered aloud how a moderate state with a strong progressive tradition managed to develop such a group of psychos in one party. The theory I would most likely accept is that cable media and the internet have contributed to a development of concrete, national political ideologies which give less regard to local interests and culture. Hence, the days of the moderate Republican Party – even the days of Tommy Thompson – are long gone in Wisconsin (I’m pretty sure Thompson’s not going to run for governor).

So it’s not surprising to see state GOP candidates rallying around the same Glenn Beck-infused conspiracy theory that defines the GOP in D.C.

Sue Lynch of Onalaska, newly elected president of the National Federation of Republican Women, said the Democratic administration of President Barack Obama is “taking our rights away every single day.”

State Rep. Brett Davis, R-Monroe, is the other candidate for lieutenant governor. He said he had 100 percent ratings from pro-life, pro-gun and pro-Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, the state’s biggest business lobby group.
He also has experience at the staff level, having served Tommy Thompson when he was governor and later when he went to Washington as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

David King of Milwaukee is running for Secretary of State. He is a minister and father of 10 who uses Bible stories to illustrate his political views. He also was the only black candidate at the meeting and said that Republicans need to make an effort to outline their views to inner-city residents.

Tommy Thompson’s brother, Tomah Mayor Ed Thompson, posed this question to the audience:

“How in the world can you increase taxes and increase spending when you have a deficit?” he asked.

How in the WORLD can you increase taxes when you have a deficit? Back in the day a fiscal conservative might have been somebody who’d support raising taxes to fund essential services. Today fiscal conservative is simply a euphemism for a neo-liberal.


Abstinence only: Pride in ignorance

October 6, 2009

The Wheeler Report linked to some pretty troubling spin put out by the Wisconsin Abstinence Coalition on the Healthy Youth Act.  The fallacies and rhetorical devices used would make a logic professor cringe.

Among its criticisms of sex education:

  • “Statistics show many teens do not know how to properly use condoms.” So trying to teach them…is not worth the effort.
  • “The sexual reality of seventeen year olds cannot be used to justify the same behavior for twelve year olds.” So teaching kids about something before they encounter is
  • “The superintendant cannot pick a single evidenced-based state program for all communities because it doesn’t exist.” I can’t wait for their argument against universal health care: The president cannot point to one universal health care program that has worked for America because one doesn’t exist.

Are these people even trying to make arguments anymore or are they merely reminding us that they exist? Who’s the sap that’s going to cite these poor bastards on the floor of the Assembly? I’ll give you a hint, if he cites them in the legislature, his quote will re-appear verbatim in the Badger Herald.