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Campus Women’s Center update

March 1, 2010

Just at the Union when I passed the CWC. I saw a bunch of boxes and assumed the worst. I knew the SSFC had denied them funding, but was it really enough to send them packing?

Fortunately that was not the case, and as I talked to Swati Bhargava, the publications coordinator, I felt a little silly for making such an assumption. Nevertheless, Swati, who does not speak for the organization as a whole, explained why she thought the SSFC decision was incorrect.

“Right off the bat, they decided that services we provided to student parents was not a direct service. No other organization offers outreach to student parents.” She and I agreed –– services to student parents should be considered a service to the student body. Most students are not parents, but all of them (all jokes aside) have the capacity to become parents. It’s kind of a basic element of human nature. Just like illness. If we have services for sick students, we should have them for those who are pregnant or those who are parents.