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Scott Walker is not a fiscal conservative

September 29, 2009

There are a variety of factors that I believe will lead to Scott Walker’s electoral defeat next year. First, I believe his record as county executive will be easily tarred-and-feathered, despite his claims of prudence with regard to government services. Second, I do not believe he is as good looking or as charismatic as Barbara Lawton. And lastly, Scott Walker is not a fiscal conservative, as some members of the student press seem to believe, he is a Republican.

Walker is a pure-bred Milwaukee-suburb Repub. He’s not against big government, he’s simply against big progressive government. Take this year’s county budget. While Walker stood strong against increases in property taxes, he nevertheless raised government spending by more than six percent. Does that figure sound familiar? It’s exactly the amount the Democratic legislature increased spending in the state budget this summer. Walker of course used the stimulus funds that he railed so bravely against to offset shortfall created by his refusal to raise taxes, and just like the naughty Spendocrats, Walker raised a variety of fees, including the bus fare.

In case that wasn’t enough socialist tyranny, Walker has increased borrowing by leaps and bounds, and plans to triple county debt next year in order to finance a County stimulus plan. This would be the time to make a joke about Walker opposing that stimulus before taking the money, however, if you’ve watched Walker triangulate on the campaign trail, you know that apparently anything is possible.

Cory Liebmann gives a list of Walker’s contradictions.