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Missing in the Sconz, and the Dise

June 19, 2009

Dearest Reader, 

I am going to be out of action today due to a failed attempt to go tubing on the Wolf River in northeast Wisconsin. 

I just wanted to recommend the cheese balls at the Paradise Lounge. They’re legit. Much better than the ones I had a couple days ago at Buck’s. Go at happy hour and get some cheese balls for $4.50 and two for one domestic taps. 119 Main St up by the Capitol.

Wando’s is the worst bar in Madison

June 16, 2009

I feel the same way about the Madison bar scene as I do about Hollywood. I indulge in it, I enjoy some of it. Yet I will never cease to be amazed by the amount of poor quality products put out by it. The Van Wilders, the Vanilla Skies, the Madhatters, the Wando’s. Wando’s is to Madison as 24 is to network television. It is certainly not the only bad product in its field, but it is without a doubt one of the worst.

I say this with confidence despite not having gone to all the bars in Madison. It’s really just an awful, godforsaken embarrassment to Madison night life. It’s unfortunate that they are known to have such a strict carding policy – it seriously reduces the chances that they’ll be shut down and turned into a fish taco joint – something Madison sorely needs.

I had the misfortune of attending Wando’s last night on the occassion of two of my friends’ birthday. After making our way past a glaring troupe of bouncers (how many do you really need on a Monday night?), we were practically pulvarized by what I believe was Korn playing at full decibel. Again, it’s ironic that the bar is not known to cater to underagers, because their trademark drink “the fishbowl” seems marketed not only at people under the drinking age, but kids under the new legal hunting age.

UPDATE: It was practically poetic. One day after making this post I got a call from an old friend who had just gotten back into town. And…long story short, I ended up at Wando’s again. I know, I have no principles. Truth be told, the fight over the girls bathroom and a bar-wide rendition of Kid Rock’s “Sweet Home Alabama” song was good entertainment.