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February 17, 2010

This looks like a good news day. We’ve got a ton of state-level items, as well as some juicy campus issues to discuss. High of 29, low of 18 today. Batch Bakehouse.

WOOH! High speed train whistles through Joint Finance Committee. All four Republicans dissent.

The same day, the JFC approved BadgerCare Basic.

The Assembly finally approved a payday loan bill. Much weaker than anything proposed last summer. Some Republicans supported, and surprise, surprise, “Democrat” Bob Ziegelbauer voted against.

“With all of the loopholes punched into this so-called reform proposal, the people of Wisconsin now have a bill that looks like Swiss cheese,” writes a payday loan reformer. More on this issue later.

MIU proposals seek to make “classes more accessible.” Biddy Martin wants students “taught by the best.” I do too –– which is why I’d like to have a professor who comes to my History of Islam lecture.

Oh good, Blanchard makes it through the primaries for the District Court Appeals, the .75 percent of the population who partook in the election vindicated those who favor a “court of the people.”

“Supporters say the bill would help curtail the growing number of products marketed and sold as honey even though they contain little or no actual honey.”

Dane County 911 Center changes some stuff. Controversy ensues.

“Nat Up,” the campaign to improve the natatorium –– the gym on the Lakeshore end of campus that I’ve never been to –– finally hits the Herald with an in-depth story.

What do “Jack B. Craver” and “The Sconz” have in common? They would both be great names for the new Union South.

Not property taxes! Never property taxes! Fees.

Herald ed board gets a little too defensive in justifying its anti-AEPi position. But glad they made it clear that AEPi was NOT in the business of raising money for charity.

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February 16, 2010

You know, I’ve been thinking about Brunch Links lately. It’s funny that I don’t really know or care a great deal about food but its promotion has become such a big part of this site. What I really should be doing is talking about Madison drink specials. Maybe that should become a late-afternoon/evening staple in the future. High of 30, low of 18. This is what comes up when I googled “art food.”

AEPi suspended in light of the Overture Center controversy. Could somebody explain what this means to me?

Apparently there’s a primary election today.

We still need embryonic stem cell research. The fake stuff isn’t working yet.

Herald tells us what happened at the Board of Estimates meeting. The Cardinal reports on what did NOT happen at the Board of Estimates meeting.

Ironic –– the Post Crescent unwittingly displays an illegal use of court records to demonstrate the opposition to restricting public access to them.

And here’s Schneider’s hometown paper with a story on those who support them plan.

Kathy D dissents from the Cardinal Ed Board’s support of a Student Tenant Resource Center, saying resources are already available for students.

No Ben Turpin, the Tea Party movement has never been about fiscal conservatism.

UW-Milwaukee Post settles lawsuit with university over an open-records request.

Bizarre: The Consumer Litigation Clinic at UW settles a massive lawsuit with a payday loan firm. It got over $400,000 of loans forgiven to…students? state residents?

Uh Oh! Andrew Carpenter writes for the Herald. He sympathizes with AEPi –– commends them for partying and “raising money for a good cause.” Are you cereal?

Keep up with the high speed rail legislation before the Joint Finance Committee.

We gonna get Doyle’s veto-overridden anytime soon?

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February 15, 2010

Howdy! Y’all ready for some more snow? High of 27, low of 19. For those of you who pay rent on the 15th, a reminder to visit the bank today. No, not The Bank, where these noodles came from. How was your Valentine’s Day? Does anybody know what the MTV special was?

Badger Care Basic passes Senate committee. Notice the number: $130/month. How many recent college grads are looking to pay $1500 a year out-of-pocket?

Speaking of health care, just what would Paul Ryan’s magical health care plan do?

Yes, for the love of God, bring Google to Madison. Nobody can vote against the mayor who brings high-speed porn internet to town.

“The campaign statements, filed Feb. 1, are a window into how the candidates are bankrolling their bids for governor – an election that some say could reach a record $50 million in spending by the candidates and outside groups.”

What do you think about virtual schools? I certainly hope this isn’t just a way for Republicans to war with the teacher’s union.

Committee to examine faculty salaries convened.

OH NO THEY DIDN’T: “Johnson has received endorsements from Manning and Progressive Dane –– a liberal grassroots organization.” Can’t wait to see the response in the comments section.

Todd Stevens: Science should be about process, not facts.

SLAC just won’t go away.

Ron Kind is pissed about the bidding process on some stimulus projects. He says it doesn’t favor small Sconnie firms.

“It’s really no secret that advising at UW is a cause of frustration.”

The Density Plan? Should it expire?

Problems with unemployment benefits: “In addition to increasing staff, including bringing employees out of retirement and reassigning others within the agency, the state added phone lines, doubled the number of computer servers and extended call center hours.” Isn’t it ironic that we’re hiring retirees to deal with an unemployment crisis? What about those unemployed people?

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February 12, 2010

You can endure the cold for one more day before the weekend. I for one, am excited because I am finally going to meet another member of the Madison cyber neighborhood, Jesse Russell, from Dane101. High of 27, low of 3. Want a heart attack? Try the brat reuben from Alt’n Bach’s Town Tavern.

Tommy is dangling the pundits by a thread.

Poll shows Barrett and Walker in a virtual tie. This doesn’t sound right…where did all this name recognition come from?

You’ve got to be kidding me: “Scott Walker said Thursday the state should pass up the federal government’s offer of $823 million for a high-speed rail line linking Milwaukee to Madison and Chicago – unless millions more for operating the line come with the deal.”

I remember this dude. I talked to him the first day we moved into the dorms and I don’t think we ever interacted again.

Surprise, surprise. Court deadlocks on whether to bar Gableman from hearing criminal cases. What a joke that it’s gotten to this point.

I wonder who the perennial Herald commenter is who always takes discussion of anti-Semitism as an opportunity to warn of the “liberals and Muslims.”

Cardinal: MIU meetings should be open to public.

Also, the Cardinal re-designs its Opinion Page again!

As we noted before, Sheridan showed terrible judgement in dating a lobbyist…he should have nothing to do with these bills.

Sam Clegg is not a sophomore and he’s not majoring in history. But he is right about professor salaries. Frankly, I’m surprised by the numbers he cites though. I thought $100 k was on the high end for UW profs.

State to consult with Innocence Project. Good idea.

Wisconsin education is pretty good. Except in Milwaukee.

Secret pay hikes for members of Congress?

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February 10, 2010

G’day everyone. Am I the only one concerned by melting icicles? This is only another way Zeus, the God of all things that fall from the sky, can seek brutal vengeance against a heretic. Did the Greeks ever wonder during their travels why Zeus seemed to target certain areas much harder than others? Because he’s sending more snow our way. High of 24, low of 7.

Remember to eat your cream of wheat.

New student adviser on the ALRC.

A Republican legislator in Arizona has proposed raising some taxes to fund a new spring training field for the Cubs.

Dean of Students Laurie Berquam writes in response to some anti-Semitic comment (s) made on a recent article about AEPi. I believe the comment (s) have since been deleted.

Herald urges Legislature to reject legislation which would deny citizens access to audio recordings of 911 calls.

It also has something nice to say about ASM. The legislative affairs committee is campaigning for student loan reforms.

Patrick McEwen argues against utilitarianism in relation to AEPi, but I really wish he’d also offered the utilitarian point that their stupid benefit likely cost more than it brought in for charity.

Assembly Democrats unveil payday lending bill.

Wow, throw some D’s on it: “Democrats doubled the damage of the disclosure by demonstrating deafness to how the speaker’s cozy relationship with a lobbyist ….is perceived outside the halls of the Capitol building.”

Now it’s official: Sheridan attended a conference with the lobbyist; paid for by the company that employs her.

Thuy is in the news! Fines for parents of troublemakers?

What is the relation between number of votes for a mayor and the amount of salt he puts on the streets?

Primate testing has gotten into County Board politics.

Paul Soglin sounds surprisingly open to an airport stop for the high-speed train.

Should AT&T be subject to regulation that wireless companies aren’t?

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February 8, 2010

OK, kind of in a hurry today. We’re dropping between 28 and 16 degrees. Brunch…umm…feed yourselves today.

I’ve been waiting on this story for a while. I was restricted from publishing it for fear of outing my source but it looks like the Herald beat me to it. Letter from Overture Center director alleging misconduct by the AEPi fraternity at a social event. The lewd contact is great, but the multiple complaints of “being treated like servants,” and “condescending attitudes” are the most poignant.

A weak payday loan regulation bill surfaces. Assembly speaker under fire for relationship with payday loan lobbyist and unfiled campaign finance reports.

And how often do people get their angry letters to politicians published in the press? Open records is great. Look for Mark Pocan at the bottom of the article. An interesting intra-party clash over payday loans –– surprising to see Pocan go after another Democrat for voicing skepticism Sheridan and his treatment of the issue.

100,000 unemployment benefits are on the line in the coming weeks unless Congress does something for Wisconsin.

Obama cuts 1/3 of the funding for the Great Lakes initiative.

The Cardinal opinion page has a sexy new design.

Editorial: Don’t let your grades get in the way of your education.

Tuition to rise at Eau Claire.

What’s going on this week Kristin?

“And it is the sort of win-at-any-cost politics that Wisconsinites have always rejected,” writes an editorial board that clearly has never heard of a guy named Tailgunner Joe McCarthy.

Medicaid cuts devastating to rural hospitals.

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February 5, 2010

For those of you who aren’t following The Sconz on Twitter or friends with Wiss Sconz on Facebook, I should remind you that these social networking tools are a great way for you to keep up with The Sconz without clicking on the site (which I don’t like), as well as a great way for me to slowly infiltrate your subconscious, which is useful for a variety of reason. Google Reader is also a great way to keep up.

Looks like John McCain is going after dietary supplements. He should talk to Orrin Hatch (R-UT) first. He was the guy who got their FDA approval requirement revoked. Question of the day. Do steroids simply represent a step in the steady progression of body enhancement techniques that have emerged over the last century?

High of 34, low of 20. This is the pictures that comes up when I googled “food.”

Moms on Meningitis seeks to spread use of vaccines.

Should UW eliminate some majors? A more relevant story than the one put at the top of Herald page today. Money to hire three more post-docs?

A naive editorial by the Cap Times criticizing a naive editorial by the State Journal.

Could one of you read UW’s financial report and get a summary back to me after lunch? Thanks.

Does “home-canned food,” which is now allowed to be sold in Wisconsin (down the page), include moonshine?

Terrence Wall is not the only Republican senatorial candidate who has avoided state income taxes.

Louis Butler’s court nomination passes committee…again.

Real Clear Politics interviews Paul Ryan on budget etc.

I don’t know what to make of this blogger but an entertaining rant on Wall Street’s influence on members of Congress, with some interesting portraits of Paul Ryan.

To be honest, I think the cigarette tax hikes will be more effective at preventing smoking than the budget cuts which have forced localities to team up on anti-tobacco initiatives.

“Wisconsin should not preempt any federal mandates and make the same mistake as California,” writes the chair of the Wisconsin Independent Business Association.

OK, I admit it, I don’t know anything about hockey except that the players don’t have teeth –– but why is the Stanley Cup at Camp Randall?

What is a “commission on faculty pay” going to conclude? We’d like to pay our professors more, but we don’t have any money. At least we meant well.

All you can do is keep raising that money. State government ain’t worth a damn.

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February 4, 2010

Another day above freezing! Some sun, with a high of 36, low of 22. Pug Mahone’s sandwiches. B’s and B+’s from Eating in Madison A to Z. I would like to start including a question of the day, but I’d be awfully hurt if nobody responds. In honor of Rush Limbaugh, who yesterday compared Russ Feingold to Osama Bin Laden, who is your favorite right wing talk radio/cable news personality?

The Herald has the video memorial for Neha Suri’s.

Wisconsin National Guard to help with Haiti relief.

Edgewater to include ice rink in the winter. As long as they don’t need city workers to maintain them. We know how Mayor Dave feels about that.

UW to examine issues of hunger in America.

New public editor at the Herald scolds the staff for putting “Page 8 news on Page 1.”

Wispolitics continues the Wall income tax saga.

“Since December 2007, the state has shed 176,700 jobs or 6.1 percent of its total work force. That’s more jobs lost than were created during the entire last decade.”

Spencer Black votes against Kelda Roys bill to restrict public access to online court records. The committee deadlocked on the issue.

The deeply indebted Overture Center has apparently been an economic boon for the city.

Humanities! Don’t take them for granted.

If this is a groundbreaking study, the Cardinal headline surely doesn’t show it: Study: Politics affect views on stem-cell research.

Seeing “double” with stimulus job creation.

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February 3, 2010

I am very sorry for the loss of Neha Suri yesterday. I did not know Neha personally, but I know many people to whom she was a very dear friend. She will clearly be deeply missed.

High of 25, low of 18 today. Brunch is provided courtesy of the Kennedy Manor Dining Room, where I can only hope to eat bread and butter one day.

Hirsi Ali stirs up the pot.

A new ASM blog in town. It might be by a guy named James and it might be by a history major.

If you missed my post yesterday, UW is now saying they will make MIU meetings public, after kicking out a Herald reporter a few days ago.

If Dave Obey loses, there will be no such thing as a “Democratic minority.” BTW, look how much money he’s raised compared to other WI congressmen.

Bizarre. The Supreme Court says preliminary breathalyzer tests are inadmissible as evidence. So the cop’s own judgement of your inebriation is the only relevant evidence?

Steve Elbow explains why breathalyzers can be inaccurate.

“Advert?” I bet nobody in the Herald office besides Hannah Shtein knew what that meant. But funny article – I just want to say that I hated Tim Tebow long before the anti-abortion ad. It was the circumcisions that did it.

Seriously, are we ever going to get closure on why Lawton withdrew from the race?

Cap Times worries about factory farms.

Sen. Glenn Grothman always delivers early in the morning.

Any naturalists among you? Visit Unseen Madison to appreciate the nature you pass everyday.

Milwaukee County is making similar cuts to sheriffs, just like Dane.

This sums up the day’s news: “Like Favre, Thompson ponders a comeback.”

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February 2, 2010

Even if it’s snowing and even in one of your professors has only come to one out of six lectures, your tuition is still due today. That looks like ham & cheese from La Baguette.

Big speaker tonight at 7. A hater or a liberator?

Walker has the most money but Barrett is surprisingly close in the governor’s race.

Retiring Senator Judy Robson considering bid for lieutenant governor.

Faculty Senate approves SMART furloughs. Guess they don’t like vacay. By the way, my history professor has now come to one out of our six scheduled lectures this semester. And yes, my tuition is still due today.

Why is the MIU oversight committee having closed meetings? Herald editorializes.

Jesus H. Christ. How can somebody make so much money (a solid middle-class wage) working for ASM? Seriously, where are the applications?

Looks like Wisconsin will finally update its financial threshold for public defenders.

Why the high speed train shouldn’t stop at the airport.

Journal-Sentinel doesn’t care. It just wants some goddamn trains.

Robbie Webber lauds “Soup Kitchen Lunch deals” at the Union.

Kristin Czubkowski comes out with this week’s meetings, which I should have posted yesterday.