The New Sconz: IT WORKS NOW


It’s up! HERE is the new location. will ALSO redirect you to the new site. I am still figuring out how to work with the new format stylistically so please be patient. This is all new to me too, but I will do whatever is necessary to make the information as accessible to readers as before.

There is an RSS link so please follow me on your feeds and please, please stop by and leave comments!

4 Responses to “The New Sconz: IT WORKS NOW”

  1. Slane Says:

    Error 404-Page Not Found


  2. the Rising Jurist Says:

    The RSS feed from Daily Page sucks. Now I have to click through to read the (ad-laden) pages itself. Boooooo.

    • Jack Says:

      Be patient, there’s a lot of reform of the page going on right now. And soon there’s going to be a Sconz tab on the page.

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