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Yeah I watched some of the academy awards, but more importantly, I played some serious Chatroulette. That Russian guy is a genius. How revolutionary. It just might eliminate war, the small cost being a generation whose only method of addressing problems in relationships is to press “next.” A few of my friends and I watched a group of guys in Texas improvise a song based on a random word we gave them. Next we ran into breast-seeking junior hockey players from Minnesota. We were sorry to disappoint them.

High of 45, low of 26. Monday’s my hardest day of the week, which means I have to start it out right with a margarita from El Rio Grande.

“Student discipline should never cause injury or death,” Sen. Julie Lassa said in a release. How naive.

Milwaukee County Supervisor sentenced to 6 months of jail for fraud.

Good article by the WSJ on a potential Thompson run. Feingold’s response was perfect. Shows a sense of humor and desire for a challenge but managed to nail Thompson for working as a lobbyist and abandoning Wisconsin. The message is clear: You really wanna come back now Tommy? We thought you’d forgotten about us.

Yet another limit on gubernatorial vetoes introduced. Governors would not be able to raise or lower spending on individual items.

“If just 1 percent of Wausau’s population goes uncounted in the 2010 census, the city stands to lose nearly $500,000 a year in federal money.”

“Speaking on local terms, Patz said Wisconsinites routinely drink contaminated water.”

The Post-Crescent has been keeping up with Kagen and health care pretty well. Most recent update: White House giving Kagen major love on his efforts to require health care product prices be listed.

ALRC changes rules requiring property owners to find tenants within a year if they want to keep their liquor licenses. I don’t really know much about the issue but I don’t think the Cardinal did a very good job explaining why the current restriction could be a nuisance to small businesses.

New professor of Hmong studies. That’s cool –– we’re one of the only universities to have a department of Scandinavian Studies (I’ve taken two Scandinavia history courses!) so it would make sense to try and take advantage of another significant culture/ethnicity that’s somewhat unique to the area.

Wow, enough with the office space already.

That makes sense. 311 is a service for non-emergency information. Why not make non-emergency police calls go there?

Take a look at Terrence Wall’s political contributions. Name the guy whose feelings should be hurt by that list.

Candidates always try to pull the wool over the voters eyes with talks of legislative process.

Oh good, Republicans railing against drug users. You just know this will result in good policy.

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  1. Sam Clegg Says:

    Yeah chat roulette.

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