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What a beeeeautiful morning in Madtown! High of 40, low of 18. I know of at least a few people who are planning to play frisbee on Bascom today. When is the Oscars? Either way, you don’t need to watch anymore because the Daily Cardinal tells us who’s going to win what.

Some day I’m going to get my camera back from Paul Nicholas Nugent, who lives on Pinckney St, and I will take pictures of food myself. But until then, I sure do appreciate those people from Eating in Madison A to Z. It looks like some Friday fish fry from Eddie’s Alehouse.

$5.1 million federal stimulus grant to increase speed and connectivity between Madison’s internet tubes.

Couple legislators announce retirements. Friske (R-Merrill) and Lothian (R-Lake Geneva) are turning it in.  Former Rep. Lasee announces bid for State Senate.

Dane County Regional Transit Authority promises referendum for any sales tax increase.

Senate gives up on Milwaukee Schools now that Wisconsin is out of running for federal race to the top funds. Nevertheless, it approves a ban on health insurers using alcohol or drug use as reason to deny coverage.

“Wisconsin Assembly passes bills helping businesses.” The Post-Crescent takes its times explaining what that means.

Assembly also passes bills allowing victims of “gender-based crimes” to pursue civil action. I don’t really see how this wouldn’t be possible before –– I’m no legal expert, can somebody explain?

Compare the Cardinal and Herald’s coverage of the Holocaust denial panel.

ASM update. Seriously, what should we name the new union?

This is Brenda Konkel’s idea of a baby round-up.

OK, this would be a great political move for legislature Republicans. I think. A bill requiring UW to get the legislature’s approval for any eminent domain seizure. But it was introduced by a Democrat, albeit a relatively conservative one.

I can’t wait to see the ulterior motives behind the Assembly’s delay of the scalping ticket bill.


3 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. I'm not giving my name to a machine Says:

    New union should be called “The Badger Pit”.

  2. Ordinary Jill Says:

    I think the “gender-based crime” bill extended the statute of limitations for bringing suit.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    New union name? I kinda dug “union south”, but because such a massive amount of dough was dropped in the overall union process (that is, building an ugly, POS union south knowing it would get torn down, and then building a bigger, better building with some sense of architectural integrity), the UW will probably have to sell-out in order to pay off the project.

    “I’m gonna grab a Vitamin Water and Paul Bunyan Burger at Coca-Cola Student Center”

    Tell me you can’t see it.

    Also, Jack Craver, im glad you masked my identity with my full name, there are a couple of pseudonyms you could have used that would have revealed the true me. If you want your camera, approach my in real life. You’re not gonna get any play on chatroullete…

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