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A little late today folks. Please forgive. I have no class on Thursday so I take it a little easy. I heard a rumor that there’s going to be snow soon but my weather widget shows nothing but highs in the 40’s the rest of the week. Today is high of 41, low of 16. I was pleasantly surprised to see Coffee Bytes reviewed by Eating in Madison A to Z. Don’t forget to check out our review of the place before you spent $1.60 on a cup of coffee.

Salvia is now officially illegal.

100 gather at Library Mall to protest holocaust denial.

Turns out the fire at Grainger Hall was caused by a cigarette!

Where should the legislature meet in case of an emergency?

This isn’t something I’m used to hearing Republicans, especially crazy ones, say: “Contact with law enforcement can be traumatic for any law-abiding citizen.” Glenn Grothman opposing a ban on Brewer ticket scalping.

Legislators propose amendments to RTA bill.

Pedro Oliveira: “There was, however, no need for the conversation. The Holocaust is undeniable.”

Professors need right to criticize administration.

No Race to the Top for Wisconsin. These were the states are named “finalists.”

Sheriff’s deputy accuses Dane County Sup. Bret Hulsey of holding grudge against law enforcement because of a history of family run-ins with the law.

Kohl and Feingold say they’ve never put secret holds on a bill.

2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    Pedro does a good job summing up what I’ve been thinking about that tempest in a teapot. Talk about self-constructed controversy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

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