Brunch Links


Target coming to town. Fines for people who dump snow onto the sidewalk. Wilco band members are now Madisonians.

Brenda wants to know what’s going on with the library!

This seems small but I think it could be a relatively important policy: Bill seeks time off for school conferences. Parent participation is one of the most important elements in distinguishing school districts.

Bill would require psychological background check for gun purchases. More good policy.

The train plant in Milwaukee is not only making our trains, it could end up making trains for other states. That means expansion and more jobs.

“State needs $1.2 billion to upgrade prisons.” The scandal continues. Will nobody suggest addition by subtraction?

Former Herald sports editor Jonah Braun objects to holocaust denial ad.

Sam Stevenson: Act to advance county’s social services.

Jeff Wood’s day in court.

Walker “winning the privatization battle.”

Uh oh, Kagen wins his constituents an important victory on paper duties. More bragging rights for Novemeber. Them Fox Valley people love their paper.

State funding for health care down. No shit. But I’ll post it again.

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