Russ Decker fights for Badger interests


Just in case you thought politics was nothing more than a futile game of buffoonery, punch lines and PG-rated cheap shots, the amendment offered by Sens. Russ Decker, Mark Miller, Julie Lassa and Pat Kreitlow to a bill allowing for a Marquette University license plate shows that UW students have a valuable voice at the Capitol:

Page 3, line 8: after “less” insert “Marquette University must establish that they finally have a football team.”

Page 4, line 11: insert “any vehicle with an MU license plate must have a horn that plays “On Wisconsin.”

Page 4, line 11: Any license plate supporting Marquette University are required to have the words “UW-Marquette.”

In other news, the legislature ignored calls from UW Chancellor Biddy Martin for additional funding, citing more important issues to address.


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4 Responses to “Russ Decker fights for Badger interests”

  1. Jim Says:

    April Fools, one month early?

  2. Just a concerned citizen Says:

    I certainly hope this doesn’t become common practice for our fine people in office.

  3. Interesting News from Elsewhere « La Flog Says:

    […] Wisconsin Senators’ are politicking over license plates. […]

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