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It would be tough to get a day as nice as yesterday again, but the forecast does include some sun. High of 34, low of 17. Get pumped –– it’s getting up the the 40’s over the weekend. If you have a bbq to celebrate, I would strongly recommend deep fried coke.

How appropriate. The dude from my poli sci discussion who always wears a coat and tie is running for county board. And I thought poli sci was a waste of time!

Jesus…please don’t let your elected officials get away with this type of bullshit. Scott Walker is NOT going to bring Wisconsin’s unemployment rate to 0 percent.

Next thing we know Walker will be taking credit for the high-speed assembly plant in Milwaukee.

Although I did run into a guy who gave me a very flattering and funny quote on Walker, which I think I’ll put up later today. So stay tuned Walker fans (there are a few of you reading).

Donald Downs is back in the news, fighting for profs rights to criticize administration.

“Green Bay has all the tough issues — the homeless, the sex offenders. We don’t mind helping, but others have to do their share, too.”

Biddy Martin reacts to the holocaust denial. She doesn’t seem to say whether she thinks the Herald made a mistake or not.

The fumbling of the Milwaukee school reform may cost the state mad federal funds.

Doyle “amazed by how partisan” scholarships for low-income students has become.

State ag policy “handcuffs” localities that want to restrict factory farms.

Biddy: Sure we’d like more students, but we’d also like more money!

“Hemp for victory,” says the Cap Times ed board.

Equal Opportunities Commission looks into racial taser targeting.

Guess who has accepted the most money from payday lenders? Assembly Dems.

7 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Todd Stevens Says:

    If we have reached the point where we can deep fry Coca-Cola then there is nothing humanity cannot do.

    • Paul A. Says:

      Actually, the secret is that the “fried Coca-cola” is actually fried dough completely suffused in Coke.

      • Jack Says:

        That’s true Paul. It’s actually coke-flavored dough that is fried. But it’s then doused with coke syrup afterwards.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Pretty sure you missed Martin’s point if that’s your response.

    “I hope members of our community will use this opportunity to do more than take sides for or against The Badger Herald’s decision to run an ad placed by Holocaust deniers.

    I hope you will combat lies and distortion with education. I hope you will feel a sense of outrage at efforts to deny history. I hope you will act on a sense of responsibility for our shared humanity.”

    • Jack Says:

      No, I get it. I was just stating the fact that she didn’t take a side on whether or not the Herald should have published the ad or not. She opened with the question about “whether holocaust denial constitutes free speech.” She never answered that.

      Nobody, including those of us who criticized the Herald’s decision, would take issue with what Martin wrote. It’s uncontroversial and predictable, even if it was an appropriate response in support of students who felt threatened by the ad and other stuff that’s been going on in the Herald.

  3. Chris Liebenthal Says:

    I’m still waiting for that Walker quote…

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