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There were a lot of birthdays yesterday. Not only did Madison celebrate the birth of county board candidate Michael Johnson and College Dems head Molly Rivera, who I believe was spotted at Wando’s drinking a fishbowl of five hour energy drink, but also my cherished commenter Whitney Swance and my neighbor Val, who threw a bitchin’ party last night. That’s where I discovered my other neighbor’s blog. She’s graduating early and moving to Florida –– tell her why that’s not a good idea and that the Sconz sent you.

High of 30, low of 17 and sunny! Sounds like a Carnival baby!

Head of ASCME calls board of Wisconsin Policy Research Institute “a band of prostitutes.”

Thank God. The Council should seriously consider this provision, which would push back the date at which landlords can start showing apartments.

Wisconsin, like all other states, is desperate for Medicaid funds.

Looking to skate tonight? Check out the conditions of the various rinks in Madison.

Fishing club says Assembly forest bill violates constitution. I was definitely not familiar with this provision, which bans “private bills,” which affect only one group or person. I don’t think there will be any serious legal challenge though.

Funny thing is the City Council targets specific groups all the time –– this new provision to require bars over a capacity of 49 to get an entertainment license is sort of an example.

Where are these diploma mills and where can I sign up?

Incredible. The minority leader in the senate calls Badger Care Basic a “government take-over of healthcare.”

No Patrick, the GOP is not becoming more libertarian.

Don’t split the grad school up, writes Cardinal ed board.

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