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High of 23, low of 10. Sounds like a good day to hang out in the Plaza, where I hear Mayor Dave eats lunch all the time, and whose employees have expressed interest in getting WiFi! Damn the Herald has a ton of political stories today. NO! Eating in Madison A to Z disses Buck’s Madison Square Garden. But wait, why are they going back to the B now? I thought they were on M.

If you want the truth about Buck’s, I’ve written extensively on the subject, both here and here.

DNR bill fails to override veto. I’m glad Wispolitics explained what the amended bill actually meant. You see, the final bill would have required the Senate approve the board appointee. I still think it’s better than a gubernatorial appointee.

Many years ago: When the change was made to a Governor’s appointed system, then Attorney General Doyle called it a “wholesale attack on the way we protect the environment.”

“Brothers Bar — a clean, well-lit place for bros of all flavors — has been ordered to move its location to make way for a new music school building.”

Joey Labuz on overworked bus drivers: “You can credit such Gehrig-like stats to a nagging wife, chronic insomnia or just a good old-fashioned Protestant work ethic, but you cannot defend such a precedent as safe.”

This sounds a little over the top for a state-level candidate: “As of Nov. 2, 2010, we don’t have to be scared anymore, because help is on the way,” Walker said. That was at the WMC convention, where Barrett and Walker both spoke.

Oh no! Madison to be flooded with varsity jackets.

Edgewater people win zoning changes. Will this allow an onslaught of new lakefront development? It seems that Mike Verveer is worried about that.

We need state money: “Radomski said the average debt for 2008 graduates was $21,000 and 52 percent of students graduate with debt.”

“Trevino Murphy said she will do whatever it takes to get funding for Campus Women’s Center, and the next step to get funding will be to go directly to Chancellor Biddy Martin.”

Wow, this lady hates Mayor Dave.

Take a guess at who blocked final passage of a bill restricting race-based mascot names? Come on, you know it.

Have you heard about Scott Walker’s brown bag tour?


4 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Slane Says:

    Hit the nail on the head about Buck’s. It and Jordan’s are the only worthwhile bars on Regent St. And how can you argue with 50 cent High Lifes and $1 Spotted Cows?

  2. Sam Clegg Says:

    yay got the race-based mascot one right!

  3. Scott Says:

    Slane – No love for Lucky’s? Monday wings are fantastic.

    • Slane Says:

      I guess I don’t go out on Monday’s often enough. I’ve heard tell of Monday’s wings, but beyond that the specials don’t do much for me, and the atmosphere isn’t as enjoyable as Big 10 IMO.

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