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Hiya 32 lowa 21. Der some snow today? You betcha! I have not accepted any money or other incentive to promote Granola from the International Granola Workers Union.

Oh dang. Mark Neumann hits the teevee (Sorry Illusory Tenant, you should have trademarked that spelling). Click here to download the ad.

No plowing today. Jes salt.

How to get tax advantages if you own land (Terrence).

Kathleen Falk and Mayor Dave split victories over 911 call center in first round in court.

“When I first went to the [Oneida] council, we had an official budget of between $200 and $500,” McLester said. In 2008, the Oneida tribe’s annual budget was more than $500 million.

“Experts say Wisconsin’s high suicide rate relative to those of neighboring states could be linked to a high rate of binge drinking, easy access to firearms and lack of available mental health care, especially in rural areas.”

It’s really sad to see all these earnest, right wing bloggers buy into CPAC –– the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual gathering run by the American Conservative Union, which sells its endorsements to the highest bidder.

Brenda Konkel got errythang you want to know about this week in the Common Council.

This really isn’t a big deal but watch it become the biggest issue on campus: Football ticket prices rise $3.

It is telling that the Cardinal didn’t run the article. On one hand I think it shows they lack a sense of the student pulse, but on the other hand, I’d much rather read about opposition to Doyle’s climate bill. But come on. This is a feature-ish article. Do some interviews.

It’s been good to see the Herald embrace its role as a college newspaper. This editorial shows that.

Ah Jim –– if you weren’t a lame duck maybe you’d have had a chance at the chair of the Midwestern Governor’s Association. Instead it’s Ted Strickland of Ohio. Gerald, are you still there?

Looks like we’ll finally get some money to clean up the Great Lakes though.


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