Mangoes Are Only Red on the Outside


I didn’t even know Red Mango existed until I saw an ad in the Badger Herald about something for free. I didn’t even end up going on the day that I could get something free. Silly me.

Red Mango is this tiny little place on the 600 block of State Street. It sort of seems like it doesn’t belong, but in time, it should mesh with the rest.

So what is Red Mango? It’s frozen yogurt!

So what is frozen yogurt? A healthy alternative to ice cream!

The menu is short, just the way I like it.

Currently, they offer 4 flavors of frozen yogurt and a 16 toppings that can be mixed and matched however the customer imagines them. I opted for the pomegranate yogurt, as I’ve only had vanilla in the past. For simplicity’s sake, I ordered just one topping- Cocoa Pebbles. How cool is that? It was really good. The yogurt was perfectly tangy and well, Cocoa Pebbles, how could I go wrong?

Mango also offers smoothies and iced teas. But beware, if 3 girls in front of you are ordering these smoothies and change their mind about their toppings 3 times, you’ll be waiting a little while.

Like I said, the place is small, so there are only 4 tables and a small window seating area. There seemed to be a decent flow of people coming through and the lines will only get longer during the summertime.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Red Mango is their transparency. They clearly label everything with calories and have several pamphlets explaining the nutritional benefits of their yogurt. They make sure to let customers know what is in their food and they explain what all those big fancy words mean. Most people might not care about GanedenBC(30), but for the discerning customer who does, they’ve got it all lined out in technical and layman’s terms. It’s a good bacteria that helps maintain digestive healthy, by the way.

This place is a definite competitor for all the ice cream available on State Street. You still get a sweet treat, but for probably 1/2 the calories and just as much fun. I’m pretty sure Cold Stone doesn’t have Captain Crunch.

I would highly recommend checking this place out the next time you get a craving for a sweet treat- you won’t regret it.


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    great thanks

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