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OK, back from a slow day yesterday. The crick in my neck is slightly better but still preventing me from doing Brunch Links in bed, which is where the best ones come from. Trust me. High of 35, low of 18 in Madison today. Eating in Madison’s got “no beef” with Beef O’Brady’s.

It’s all over the news. Mayor Dave v. Kathleen Falk. 911 center is the issue. Mayor Dave discusses on his blog.

The 911 center may also face new restrictions from the state, which will look at a bill to limit access to tapes of 911 calls. The bill is supported by the Zimmerman family.

Seriously, where’s that station gonna be?

“Our students are talented, imaginative and well-meaning,” wrote Biddy Martin in response to this awesome Valentine’s Day song created for her.

“Although genuine concerns about long-term financial responsibility are legitimate when considering a project of this size, the hyperbolic posturing on display is more about scoring cheap political points than fiscal common sense,” writes the Cardinal ed board about the GOP + trains.

Man, talk about big government. First Brother’s Bar is getting seized by eminent domain, and then their campaign poster against the action is taken down because it doesn’t comply with city codes. These guys might have to move to Idaho.

$29 million for more broadband in Wisconsin. I assume my bedroom will inexplicably excluded three days of the week.

The Herald ed board offers up name suggestions for the new Union South.

State Senate to vote on Badger Care Plus Basic today.

Tom Barrett says Doyle and Dems need to change their climate change bill.

“Covered parking lots” is the way to go if you’re a big developer trying to impress some Madison liberals progressives.

Cap Times: But Sheridan’s deceits are not what he should be apologizing for. What he should be apologizing for is the payday loan bill the Assembly passed under the guise of addressing abuses by the payday loan industry.

Wisconsin G.I. bill up for revision. Perhaps.


2 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. akbrousseau Says:

    The State Senate will vote on the BadgerCare Plus Basic Plan on Tuesday, not today. Your link for the Biddy song is also a tad off (unless the high speed rail will be dedicated to her in song form). Finally, as for the new 911 bill, here’s another link from when the Herald covered it earlier this month:

  2. Carol Says:

    I recall watching testimony re. the 911 center summer of 2008 on cable 12. I got the impression that the County had some serious work to do on quality control to manage its existing call intake.

    The City of Madison must be scraping for $ and/or they genuinely do not care about the welfare of Madison residents. Or is the 911 call center now overflowing with extra personnel?

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