Anonymous Comments strike elsewhere


At least the Herald doesn’t have to worry about this.

Apparently, a committee at Virginia Tech really hates anonymous comments, of all sorts, and they are willing to go the distance to shut down all campus media if they aren’t removed all together.

A Virginia Tech committee has threatened to recommend that the university cut funding to all student media on campus if the student-led newspaper, the Collegiate Times, continues to allow anonymous comments on its Web site, according to documents released by the newspaper’s parent company Friday morning.

So what is the committee’s reason that is important enough to outweigh student speech?

“The consensus of the Commission has been that the commenting system is irresponsible and inappropriate because it lacks accountability resulting in, among other things, countering the Principles of Community,” Michelle McLeese, the commission chair, wrote in a letter to the media company on Monday.

What the hell does “…countering the Principles of Community,” mean? I wonder what the real story is here. The student paper is claiming this is retribution for content decisions made by the paper’s editors. Seems like a more reasonable explanation.

Another relevant campus story, this time about frats,  after the jump…

Another story I found at this “Campus Overload” blog at the Washington Post (which seems like it might be worth a repeat trip to).

A weekend party that involved University of California San Diego students and mocked Black History Month has drawn the ire of black students and prompted a condemnation sent to all students and faculty by the chancellor.

I wonder if these frat members are trying to argue the campus press doesn’t write enough about the good things they do as well? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me. Neither does this type of party either, really. There are videos a plenty on youtube of stupid white kids having “gangsta” parties on MLK day too.


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