Interview with Michael Johnson later


Tonight I will be talking to Michael Johnson, candidate for 5th district seat on the Dane County Board of Supervisors. Any ideas on questions I should ask him?


2 Responses to “Interview with Michael Johnson later”

  1. Steve Horn Says:

    Ask him why he believes he’s a better candidate than Eicher and what he can bring to the table that she can’t. Also ask him what his campaign strategy is from here until election day and how he intends to “slay the beast” and beat the “creature of the machine” (aka the Democratic Party of WI). He’s a damn good candidate, but I want to know how he intends to show that to voters and motivate voters to go to the polls and vote for him.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Gee, all these comments from Steve sure are getting me REVVED UP about Michael Johnson! I never realized how much we were caught up by that “creature of the machine” Analise Eicher! You know what? Forget Michael Johnson, let’s get Steve Horn in this race!


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