Sorry for the late start folks. I don’t have class Thursdays so I like to sleep in a bit. Seriously, does anybody have any advice for strained necks? Are any of you licensed masseuses? Going up to 36 but dropping as low as 9 today. By the way, make sure to check out Brothers Bar and Grill. I’m not saying go in, just look at it. Those guys have the right idea: Don’t go down without a fight, preferably in the form of a massive poster.

Solvency in state pension fund is good, right? The increased borrowing, however, is troubling.

Madison spending millions on streets good idea? Of course –– anything that keeps the sanctity of the midwesterner-motor vehicle marriage must be preserved at all costs.

Great photo of Bryon Eagon. Also a story about a new bar approval. But the link is mainly for Eagon’s mug.

Think about “community” when you spend your money, says Anthony Cefali, the newest facebook friend of Wiss Sconz.

Many more minority students graduating in six years.

MIU proposals: Cardinal concentrates on electronic learning center, Herald talks about TAs and chem faculty.

This is the first editorial I’ve seen in favor of the governor appointing the DNR secretary. Courtesy of Oshkosh.

“If something is legal and our customers want it, we will sell it. If something is illegal, we won’t sell it,” said Steve Aged, manager of Knuckleheads.

Would public financing of elections bring out more candidates for minor offices?

Smathers provides the run-down of the last ASM meeting. As does ASM voice. Compare the two.

Stimulus has brought $2 billion to Wisconsin. Is that all?

Journal Sentinel explains how Terrence Wall avoids taxes.

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