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It looks like the state of Wisconsin is about to take a step backwards on drug policy. Yesterday the State Senate approved a ban on Salvia divinorum, a mild hallucinogen that many head shops sell. All that is left is Gov. Doyle’s signature.

The Senate passed a Democratic-authored bill that prohibits the manufacture and distribution of Salvia divinorum. Violators would face up to $10,000 in fines.

This just goes to show that ignorance on drugs will always lead to unnecessary and even harmful regulation. Salvia is the most innocuous drug on the market –– I would even argue that it could be beneficial in offering recreational drug users a briefer alternative to more time-consuming hallucinations. Although responses to Salvia differ, the hallucination rarely lasts more than about 10-15 minutes.

I will have more reporting on this in the near future. I am going to try to get a statement from the mayor (whether he wants to weigh in on state affairs or not) and try to talk to the chief sponsors of the bill.

For right now: Salvia is available at Knuckleheads on State St.


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9 Responses to “Buy your salvia now”

  1. Brad V Says:

    While I have heard of individuals using salvia that had rather adverse reactions, that’s an unfortunate move on the part of the state legislature.

    • Jack Says:

      Haha, define “adverse reactions” Brad.

    • kk Says:

      The one time I did it I tried to eat a nickel and had to have a crown put on a tooth. “Adverse reactions.”

      Not that I agree with the ban.

    • Slane Says:

      A friend of mine started crying and then threw up in his bed when he did it. Never had the pleasure myself, but it seems like it can definitely mess you up for those 10 minutes.

  2. Jack Says:

    OK, I’m not going to lie, the one time I tried it freshman year I swore I’d never try again. But it nevertheless made a good story.

  3. Jim Says:

    I definitely wouldn’t call it “mild” Jack. Anything but, really.

  4. kk Says:

    Hey jack, any idea if this ban is immediate? And do we know if the governor has signed it yet? I kind of wanna buy a bunch, save it until August then hawk it to a bunch of freshman in Witte.

  5. buy salvia Says:

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