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This looks like a good news day. We’ve got a ton of state-level items, as well as some juicy campus issues to discuss. High of 29, low of 18 today. Batch Bakehouse.

WOOH! High speed train whistles through Joint Finance Committee. All four Republicans dissent.

The same day, the JFC approved BadgerCare Basic.

The Assembly finally approved a payday loan bill. Much weaker than anything proposed last summer. Some Republicans supported, and surprise, surprise, “Democrat” Bob Ziegelbauer voted against.

“With all of the loopholes punched into this so-called reform proposal, the people of Wisconsin now have a bill that looks like Swiss cheese,” writes a payday loan reformer. More on this issue later.

MIU proposals seek to make “classes more accessible.” Biddy Martin wants students “taught by the best.” I do too –– which is why I’d like to have a professor who comes to my History of Islam lecture.

Oh good, Blanchard makes it through the primaries for the District Court Appeals, the .75 percent of the population who partook in the election vindicated those who favor a “court of the people.”

“Supporters say the bill would help curtail the growing number of products marketed and sold as honey even though they contain little or no actual honey.”

Dane County 911 Center changes some stuff. Controversy ensues.

“Nat Up,” the campaign to improve the natatorium –– the gym on the Lakeshore end of campus that I’ve never been to –– finally hits the Herald with an in-depth story.

What do “Jack B. Craver” and “The Sconz” have in common? They would both be great names for the new Union South.

Not property taxes! Never property taxes! Fees.

Herald ed board gets a little too defensive in justifying its anti-AEPi position. But glad they made it clear that AEPi was NOT in the business of raising money for charity.

5 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    howzabout that statewide ban on salvia divinorum? looks like that place on gilman (“Amsterdam” ?) will be going out of business…

  2. Jim Arndt Says:

    Emma, link please.

  3. Carol Says:

    Note-this program, BadgerCare Plus Core Plan, is very pertinent to UW students coming out of school with poor job prospects.

    It is for adults with _no dependents_: A copay of $130 is doable but for some this will be a big financial bite given that to qualify, monthly income has to be at $1,805 for a single person and $2,428.33 for a married couple. So that’s $21,660/yr for a single person–someone earning $10.74/hr or less working 40 hrs/wk would fall in this camp. Earn just over that? You are out of this game. Figure out how to afford health insurance on your own.

    I went through the online application for my son – [app. is is very lengthy BTW] – and came out the other end thinking IF my son’s employer gives any sort of crappy healthcare at all, he may be disqualified–so if they offer a thin veneer of health coverage for, let us say $250/mo, it looks like he is refusing his employer’s coverage and he could not get the state’s….Will have put in a call to confirm with a call.

    Also-people who are 20 are inclined to feel invincible. I am not 100% sure he’s going to pay a dime for healthcare when he has other expenses and he wants to have $ for fun.

    End of story: I would like to see the coverage be a universal automatic fallback for any WI resident who is within the income limitations when there is no employer-linked healthcare enrollment in place. A lot of people will still fall through the cracks.

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