Eicher gets some endorsements


Just got the press release from the Eicher campaign. I hate quoting press releases, but I love delivering news fast to my dear readers!

Current alders Bryon Eagon (District 8) and Bridget Maniaci (District 2) and former alder Eli Judge (District 8) endorsed Eicher’s campaign today.

Most of what Eagon and Judge said in support of Eicher was pretty predictable –– a lot about confidence in supporting student interests etc. However, take a look at this little barb Judge delivers:

The state of the relationship between the County Board and the student body has been in woeful disrepair over the past two years and I am more than confident that Analiese has the knowledge and commitment to reverse that trend while making herself a visible and effective leader for the student body,” said former Ald. Eli Judge.

Not “inadequate in the past.” Disrepair over the past two years. It is a clear reference to Wyndham Manning, the current occupant of the seat who backs Johnson. Will Eicher continue the theme?

On a slightly different note, neither candidate will win the endorsement of the State-Langdon Neighborhood Association, despite the group’s strong links to Eli Judge. Its president, Scott Resnick, sent me an explanation:

I have been asked twice now if State-Langdon will take a position on the County Board race, and recently received several emails urging me to take up the issue. Michael has been a great participant since I became President. I know both candidates well and believe either would do a phenomenal job. However, I will not take a position on the issue. We focus entirely on neighborhood issues.

While you can certainly argue that the County Board race is very important to the neighborhood, our group is the most effective when it works alongside both county and city leaders. These nominations create an adverse environment that outlives a secondary page on a website or a two second blurb in the newspaper. Endorsements really don’t mean a whole lot. I encourage members to be involved in the political process, work for candidates and run – but a formal endorsement will not happen.


One Response to “Eicher gets some endorsements”

  1. Emma R. Says:

    is district 8 now officially the district of cool, sunglasses-wearing emoticons?

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