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You know, I’ve been thinking about Brunch Links lately. It’s funny that I don’t really know or care a great deal about food but its promotion has become such a big part of this site. What I really should be doing is talking about Madison drink specials. Maybe that should become a late-afternoon/evening staple in the future. High of 30, low of 18. This is what comes up when I googled “art food.”

AEPi suspended in light of the Overture Center controversy. Could somebody explain what this means to me?

Apparently there’s a primary election today.

We still need embryonic stem cell research. The fake stuff isn’t working yet.

Herald tells us what happened at the Board of Estimates meeting. The Cardinal reports on what did NOT happen at the Board of Estimates meeting.

Ironic –– the Post Crescent unwittingly displays an illegal use of court records to demonstrate the opposition to restricting public access to them.

And here’s Schneider’s hometown paper with a story on those who support them plan.

Kathy D dissents from the Cardinal Ed Board’s support of a Student Tenant Resource Center, saying resources are already available for students.

No Ben Turpin, the Tea Party movement has never been about fiscal conservatism.

UW-Milwaukee Post settles lawsuit with university over an open-records request.

Bizarre: The Consumer Litigation Clinic at UW settles a massive lawsuit with a payday loan firm. It got over $400,000 of loans forgiven to…students? state residents?

Uh Oh! Andrew Carpenter writes for the Herald. He sympathizes with AEPi –– commends them for partying and “raising money for a good cause.” Are you cereal?

Keep up with the high speed rail legislation before the Joint Finance Committee.

We gonna get Doyle’s veto-overridden anytime soon?


6 Responses to “Brunch Links”

  1. Jim Says:

    Wow, that Post Crescent CCAP article was pretty telling. The comments page is worth reading. Decent arguments on both sides, along with the completely mindless, misspelled garbage I have come to expect from newspapers online discussions. Why is it that even bad blogs have clearer comments than ANY news papers?

  2. Erik Paulson Says:

    Some days I just want to cry.

    I think the DC Ed Board supports what I was trying to do, but is confused about the form it was going to take. Or else they were calling for the STRC to be funded, and have it all be student run, ala the STRC/STU through the GSSF.

    Kathy is dissenting, because she doesn’t think ASM should do something that ASM is not going to do. In her closing paragraph, she says that if ASM were to do something for tenants, ASM should do what the original ASM 2010-11 budget was going to do, and do what the Ed Board piece she’s dissenting from asks ASM to do.

    So, they’re either very confused, or running a piece from September about the STRC.

  3. Jim Says:

    Some Herald article hyperbolically titled “Limiting public’s access to CCAP is a criminal offense” inadvertently makes a point about one of the problems with CCAP:

    “However, if you’re searching the site, don’t expect scores of information on cases; the details on the cases are kept to a minimum. The site’s job is to provide information, not transcripts of courtroom dramas.”

    Exactly. Information on CCAP is vague, and subject to a readers interpretations, likely based on their worst fears.

    I’m going to be condescending for a minute. A college freshman intending to major in journalism has yet to experience almost any of the real life problems that can result from questionable information going public.

    The authors naivety is pretty clear when she says “cases that have been dismissed are clearly marked as such” as if no one would dare to judge someone based on those allegations.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Haha. Craver, you know, you could ask a question of, uh, anybody who knows what’s going on or do some research instead of just saying “what does this mean?” Takes a lot of credit away from you as a blogger.

  5. Sam Clegg Says:

    You should read the second to top comment on Turpin’s article.

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