Whats going on behind the scenes at the Olympics?


Apparently, a lot of sex.

From a somewhat infamous article on the subject.

I am often asked if the Olympic village – the vast restaurant and housing conglomeration that hosts the world’s top athletes for the duration of the Games – is the sex-fest it is cracked up to be. My answer is always the same: too right it is. I played my first Games in Barcelona in 1992 and got laid more often in those two and a half weeks than in the rest of my life up to that point.

Some stats and quotes already coming out of the Vancouver games.

Vancouver health officials are providing 100,000 free condoms during the Games while Safe Games 2010, a group of health organisations, will be handing out 20,000 packages that include condoms and information on Canada’s sex trade.

Former Olympics snowboarder Crispin Liscomb also believes that of those 100,000 condoms, few will be left over. “I can imagine those condoms being used pretty quickly and pretty often.”

Can you imagine an Olympic version of the shout outs?


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7 Responses to “Whats going on behind the scenes at the Olympics?”

  1. Paul A. Says:

    These people need to listen to Mickey Goldmill…”Women weaken legs!”

    • Alec S Says:

      I think studies have actually shown that sex prior to competition is beneficial for women and at the very least doesn’t hurt men.

  2. Jack Says:

    “Sasha Cohen could not be reached for this article.”

    BTW, the summer olympics is just about the last place I’d go looking for a beautiful woman. Call me a chauvinist but hulking shoulders and testosterone-infused biceps aren’t the kind of curves I seek.

    • Alec S Says:

      I think between swimmers, gymnasts, runners, and locals, there are plenty of curves of the non-hulking shoulder type around in the summer. And have you not seen some of the American women skiers and snowboarders? Goodness.

  3. Kathy D Says:

    On a more serious note, there is a lot of protesting going on outside the games that the corporate media has largely ignored and condoned. The “natives” may have been included in the opening ceremony but that hardly makes up for the fact that their land was stolen from them so that Vancouver could host the Olympics.

  4. Jason Joyce Says:

    You gotta understand: The vast majority of Olympians don’t last very long in their events. They skate in the first heat and are eliminated or make a few luge runs, and they’re done. But they’re still young, finely tuned world-class athletes hanging around with several members of the opposite sex in the same condition. That this is still a surprise is funny. I know a former Olympian who told me about the free condom dispenser; how it was always empty.

  5. Sam Clegg Says:

    Kathy D,
    You reference an extremely important and oft-ignored part of Vancouver’s history. I would also, if you are interested, recommend a look into the sixties scoop, which some consider to be the most recent example of genocide in the First World. Then again, my limited (but extant) experience with the Canadian discourse on Native issues has always given me the impression that it is much closer to the top of the national agenda up north than it is in the US.

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